Today is going to be one of those days filled with eye opening information - of that I am sure. I will be sitting in on a phone conference for the Vulnerable Road Users Committee.
Some of the items on the agenda will be helmets, graduated licenses and a review on motorcycle accidents. I am looking forward to my inaugural meeting as there is s much I will be able to bring back to the meeting in Thorsby on Sunday!

Remember folks that Sunday at 2pm at the Community Centre in Thorsby a ton of us are meeting to decide the fates of our AIM Can Chapters here in Alberta and look at joining forces with a ton of others who want to start a Riders Rights and Awareness group.
If you ride and live in Alberta - this meeting is for and about YOU!

And I plan on going for a ride - somehow this afternoon in between teleconferences!

I am not sure what the heck is going on with blogger but - all of my links are at the bottom tucked inside the blogging area??? I have written to them but as usual - no response yet. From looking at other blogs - the only thing I can say is - I am NOT alone!

In the news:
A new survey out of the US declares that motorcycle thefts are down!

A Kelowna BC racer enjoyed his best Superbike finish in the US yet and Brett McCormick
got a lucky...

Berlusconi Buys Failing Moto Morini: Berlusconi is rumored to be the one interested in buying MV Augusta from Harley-Davidson too.

On Vancouver Island an 18 year old male is in critical condition after he hit a slow moving dump truck.

And Memphis Shades has come out with a new bat wing fairing for the Kawasaki 1700.

It's looking like it will be a glorious day here in the great white north!
I hope that everyone who lives where riding is possible today will ride proud not loud, and like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and IS out to get you!

Belt Drive Betty

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