Well folks - the Vulnerable Road Users Motorcycle Task Force Meeting was VERY interesting. As my first time being involved in something like this I was very pleasantly surprised at the single mindedness of the group and their dedication to keeping riders safe.

There were all kinds of players at the table - Quebec, Saskatchewan, Ontario - from pretty much right across the country with one notable exception - BC - for whatever reason BCCOM was not present.

Helmets and new standards being adopted in Canada were on the table. It was generally agreed that SNELL, DOT and ECE standards be accepted so that a broader range of helmet types could be worn legally. Consideration for riders from other countries visiting Canada was one of the driving forces behind this recommendation. It was noted that BCCOM is opposed to ANY helmet regulations however the general feeling was that BC would, with in two years have new helmet legislation.

Other topics were improper/unsafe roadway repairs, obstacles that traffic engineers put in place that are actually harmful to motorcyclists even though they are meant to slow drivers down - among the items discussed were rumble strips in curves and the types of paint used.

Zero tolerance for alcohol for all riders was discussed but it was generally agreed that that is unfair and treating people like children. It was discussed that people know what the law is and to try and impose stricter sanctions that the general law allows is not the way to go. However those just learning are restricted to a zero allowance.

There were many, many other topics covered in the 2 hour teleconference and I found it fascinating and thoroughly informative - the recommendations of the committee now go to the transportation department and the engineering departments. There will be other meetings of the Vulnerable Road Users Task Force and I look forward to participating in them.

In the news today:

Ontario ride nights are coming in hot and heavy - thanks to Bruno over at Ryder's Roost for making sure we all stay informed.

A young Kelowna rider is in serious condition after a truck pulled out in front of him and he may loose a leg - prayers are much needed folks!

In Montreal (Laval), police are looking for a rider who was hit after he ran a red light. The vehicle who hit the rider fled the scene and the police who witnessed the whole thing (they had a radar trap going) took after the vehicle. When they came back to the scene the rider and his bike were reportedly gone leaving only hos footwear behind.

In jurisdictions where they have helicopters they are no longer engaging riders in high speed pursuits through city streets where that pursuit could cause other incidents - instead they are simply using helicopters to track the offender and ticket them. That's what happened to a 24 year old rider on a gray Kawasaki in Surrey yesterday.  YOU CAN'T OUT RUN A MOTOROLA BOYS AND GIRLS.....

Alberta has finally announced a distracted driver's law. It will include things like personal grooming, use of hand held devices like cell phones, reading, writing etc. Fines will start around $176 but will not involve demerits reportedly. The new law goes to the legislature this fall.

And on the lighter side - Eric Buell and the Thunderbolts are promoting their new album....
You read that right - Eric Buell of Buell Racing - Buell Motorcycles...

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you - that they are out to get you and PLEASE ride Proud - NOT loud!
Save those loud pipes for some jerk who drifts into you like the old dude who did that to me yesterday!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Distracted Drivers law should be everywhere!!

    People are so wrapped up in all of the other things that are going on in their cars that driving them well seems secondary! It should be a common sense issue, but clearly people just can't seem to get it together~

  2. I would of liked to join that teleconference call. Please consider bringing me in for the next one.


  3. It's not up to me Shaun - I can find their email and send it to you to see if you can get added.