Apathy and defeatism - they are two of the great tragedies of the human condition.

It appears that in Grande Prairie, these are two very prevalent dispositions in the motorcycle community and from what I hear Grande Prairie is not alone but since it is the place I live and know best I will discuss our situation here.

It is sad and tragic that the riding community appears to go through these struggles - and maybe it is only because I am active in this community that I see it, far too often in my HO. I think some of that struggle here in GP might come from the transient nature of our population. Perhaps it exists elsewhere like soccer communities or in clubs like the Rotary and Lions but since all I know is the motorcycle community I do not feel qualified to speak to the challenges that may or may not face these other organizations. 

We, here in the Grande Prairie motorcycle community, have struggled with attendance at meetings for AIM Can from the board of directors to attempting to get more members out to meetings. Now that AIM Can and Vancouver chapter of AIM are going through their power struggle it is even worse. (IMHO)

There is nothing like a power struggle to kill the will of volunteers.
Many who believe in the cause of supporting injured riders have simply said this is not what I thought it would be.

We saw it with the CMA, the CMC and the Northern Stars and now with AIM Can.

Hell even Toys for Tots has gone through its share of tough times with membership and attendance - the difference there is that there is a core group who is totally devoted and stubborn and they never say die. Hence why they are still here after 30 years and no other group is I guess.

So what does it take to have a successful, long lived group of people with common vision?
I have no answers and since I am struggling with a heavy heart due to the loss of a girlfriend to breast cancer yesterday - I won't even try to venture a guess as I would probably come off sounding bitter and resentful.

All I know is that this weekend in Thorsby a bunch of riders are getting together to decide what they want to do about AIM Can - stay as part of the association and wait out the law suit/appeal outcome, get into gear with a provincial association, join forces with another group that wants to do something about riders rights  - we have decisions to make as a community and we want the community to participate.

Assisting riders when they have an accident - helping them cope with that period of time between accident and insurance benefits...that's the cause that is closest to my heart - that and helping to prevent those accidents through awareness...will you join us in Thorsby at the community centre at 2 pm on Sunday April 18th?  I sure hope some of you can come out.

In the news today:

Little Warriors Poker Run tomorrow in Stony Plain AB

In Vancouver - BCCOM is looking for people to attend a meeting on Tuesday the 20th for their parking initiative.

This weekend in Sackville they are getting all geared up for their arenacross event.

If you get in to an accident in Burlington ON you will want to have access to cash...they are going to charge you clean up and fire fighting fees no matter who is at fault!
Yes they may pass this through insurance but who pays for the insurance? YOU get ready to pay more.

The Dragon is open once again - earlier than thought and the people at Deal's Gap credit the riders for the phone calls and putting on the pressure for the clearing of the road after the slide to be stepped up.

There are many other articles of interest in the news today so to get your fill visit

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and IS out to get you. Ride Proud not loud...

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I think one of the reasons there seems to be so many power trips and lack of respect among these organizations is because far too many people are taking up riding, joining these groups without ever appreciating the history behind them.

    Great post!