Our web mistress Ali and her hubby Gator celebrated their 6th anniversary yesterday and while congrats are in order, that is not the reason I tip my hat to Ali. This woman has taken our humble little spot on the World Wide Web and made it one of the top spots  in motorcycling in Canada and we are moving up in the world too! When we moved our web site to the new host because things were so painfully slow - our web site was ranked 5 million in the world. We had 20K pages of information and it was ungainly.

Now we have 13K pages - we left a bunch of out dated stuff behind -  and Ali is constantly working on streamlining the information and how to submit and how to share. You can share your stories with Face Book and Twitter and a whole host of social networks. Our forums are catching on, it seems people like the new format.

It's a HUGE no scratch that - it's an ENORMOUS job but she's doing it and promises it will get nothing but better!  I am so deeply, humbly grateful that she has come into our lives, her talents and ability have made our little spot on the World Wide Web an amazing place of sharing and caring and I can't wait to see what she does next!

Of course it doesn't matter how much she and I work, if you riders who use the site, read the news and use the events calendars didn't like what she and I  do - none of the stats would be moving the way they are - so thank you for seeing the value in sharing your community news and event information with us that we might share it with the rest of the Canadian Riding Community and the world and brag up our little corner of the world called Canada!.

If ever there was a humbled human being - it would be me today.

Thanks you - all of you!

In the news today:

STARS ride in Westlock, the Hearts of Gold Ride and the Falcons MC all have some interesting information for you.

MV Augusta has a new triple out...

In BC, two friends motorcycles collide - one man is dead.

Also in BC, an Angel gets his wings clipped.

And in Motorcycle News & Reviews we have 5 new  articles to share with you, one on a really interesting Organic/Green Chopper out of Russia.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - PLEASE, ride proud and not loud - and ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you but still out to get you!

Belt Drive Betty

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