The news feeds all weekend were filled with nothing but motorcycle accidents.
Every long weekend we seem to experience the same tragedy.

April is Speeders month. After months of crappy driving,those who love to drive/ride seem to get a little heavy on the throttle. In Alberta and in Ontario - the police services are going to be patrolling the secondary highways as much as they are the main ones. 
So driver/rider beware!

In the news today:

Harley-Davidson makes it into the news on two fronts - they have a new state of the art headquarters in Australia - it's pretty "out there" and because of their new parts makers in India. The video for this story is very interesting.

BMW is posting some market share gains here in Canada again - Best March on record.

In Belgium a treasure trove of New - Old Norton's was found.

Ducati's patent that is pending offers some insight on a new street bike.

In Europe a new AMD Champion was crowned.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today please ride like everyone is out to get you, they are all blind and can not see you and - use respect with that throttle hand - PLEASE.

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