In the news today a helmet maker in the US has been ordered by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Over 17,000 helmets are affected.
Advanced Carbon Composites has been ordered to cease business.

Well folks, that's all well and fine - but my question is what happens now?

Unlike cars that have serial numbers are these helmets going to be pulled from store shelves? Who reimburses the store owner? If there is no reimbursement then will the store owners actually pull them from their shelves?

So okay folks that brings me to my next question...the rest of our gear. Is there, anywhere in the world, an actual safety standard for motorcycle gear? You know - jackets, chaps and gloves?  I have had no success finding anything so far and am sorely frustrated at the crap I see some of these importers bringing in like the really thin chaps for $29 - in this economy someone will buy them thinking they are better than no protection when truth be told a good pair of jeans probably offers as much protection.

This might be a topic to bring up with F.I.R.R.E. the next time we meet and perhaps with the Vulnerable Road Users Committee as well.

I would appreciate your feedback on gear and helmets - the best brands, the right fits - it appears that none of the gear suppliers we work with have any time to address these issues for us as most are owner operated but perhaps somewhere either in my Facebook group or through those who read this blog here on blogger there is someone who can help guide us to good solid answers - my gear needs replacing soon - where should I start and why?

In other news:

Tomorrow launches Motorcycle Awareness Month and while I have had little success finding Public Service Announcements or videos here in Canada to promote that fact it took all of two seconds to find it on the NHTSA web site:

In Toronto Harley-Davidson Motorcycles are being given a year's rest by the police service and who knows, if the trial with the BMW's go, it could mean a permanent retirement of the H-D's.

In Niagara and Manitoba - Ride for Dad is getting revved up...

In Montreal an appeals judge has been removed from a Hells Angels case because the courts learned that he had advised them about trademark issues back when he was a lawyer.

In Shediac NB they are getting geared up for the Lobster Fest - motorcyclists turn out in droves for that rally - our article is in French

And last but not least, H-D is telling it's employees in Milwaukee that the belts must be tightened or we move...hmmm - I wonder if that means the CEO is taking a pay cut from his 6 plus million a year or if it is only geared towards the poor stiffs who actually help him make that kind of wage?

If you are riding today - please - don't think you can out run a motorola like the dude in Edmonton - ride like everyone around you is out to get you AND BLIND! Ride Proud NOT loud...

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