It is a question I ask myself often.

Why did the rider who was killed in the Bragg Creek area decide to pass in a place that was illegal to do so?

Why did the rider in Wycliffe BC decide to pass when he did?

Why did the dude in Ottawa decide to pretend he was a member of the Hells Angels?

Why do some people volunteer to belong to a group and then never show up to do anything?

Why do some people feel it is their right to cancel things that others have organized?

What motivates people to build castles?

Why does one person feel they have the right to destroy 25 plus years of work that others have done?

The Peace Country Chapter of AIM Can has decided to put itself in moth balls and is awaiting the decision of the judge with regards to AIM Can's appeal against Vancouver AIM before any other decision is made - that puts our motorcycle awareness event here in jeopardy...but the group felt that until they knew what was going on with the parent organization and unless others decide to become active and involved in the community here it was the right thing for the majority to do. It was a sad group at the meeting last night.

So I ask again...Why do people do the things they do? What motivates them?
I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic of the human condition...

I look very hard every day to find the rainbow that I know has to be there because I know that the Good Lord always gives us things to hold on to, to be joyful and happy over - he puts opportunity and answers in front of us every day it's just that sometimes they are cleverly disguised as obstacles...but what we need is always there.

The rainbow today is that our web site - - is ranked as one of the best in Canada (Alexa rank of 5663)  and I can take very little credit for that. Our web mistress deserves that! It does however do my heart a whole lot of good to know that all of the hard work that this woman has done is being recognized!

I have some other rainbows that have come up as well - and Good Lord willing the opportunities that have presented themselves will manifest soon...Belt Drive Betty has been given the opportunity to have it's own IPhone App for the Rider Friendly Business Association, we have also been invited to partner with a company called Snow Seekers that does what Ali and I do but for the winter/snow loving community and Moi, Belt Drive Betty has been invited to endorse a blend of the the Biker Coffee Company's Coffee - I LOVE THEIR COFFEE and hope that the lawyer gets the paper work done soon. I am excited, humbled, honored...what can I say except thank you God for bringing these amazing opportunities into my life! I hope they all come to fruition and even if something were to happen that they didn't - it's still an honor to be considered and invited to participate in such exciting things!

There are a ton of items in the latest news today over on our site at and if you are a registered member on our site you will see that we have a number of new business partners and some renewing partners listed in the newsletter.

The newspaper this week is fabulous - Marion did a great job of the layout and the community did a fantastic job of writing it!

Have a terrific day everyone, and if you are riding today - please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, is out to get you and ride proud NOT loud....

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  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    The motorcycle rider who was killed in Bragg Creek was drunk. In fact he had been refused further service at a local bar. I presume this is the reason he tried to pass where it was illegal and unsafe to do so. The community is shocked and saddened.

    - A Bragg Creek resident (who loves the fact that the Hamlet parking lot is full of happy motorcyclists at the weekends!)