Depending on which jurisdiction you live in the RCMP reports on crime and safety might be good or not so good - and some of that is subjective as it depends on which side of the fence you are on.

In Kelowna BC they are reporting that drunk, unlicensed motorcyclists is on the rise - Now just what is up with that?

In Fairview AB - the RCMP report gives us a list of the months and what the RCMP concentrate on each month:

Bracken identified ongoing and upcoming RCMP campaigns for council: April is a campaign against speeders, May will be Young Drivers' Month, June they will concentrate on Commercial vehicle safety, June and July they will be partnering with Alberta Sheriffs to ensure they have adequate personnel to deal with traffic to and people at the Many Island Boat Races and the Fairview Rodeo. July will also be Motorcycle Safety Month, August will focus on impaired driving, September back to school safety, October occupant restraints (seatbelts and child seats), November pedestrian safety, December impaired drivers, Jan 2011 intersections, Feb., distracted drivers, March occupant restraints. (Fairview Post)

An aggressive motorcyclist in PEI has the RCMP looking for him/her and a vehicle owner some angry - $1,500 damage after a motorcyclist passed on the right hand side....again What is up with that?

A man in Manitoba lost control of his motorcycle...PEOPLE - WHAT IS GOING ON?
HAS SPRING FEVER GOTTEN YOU? I mean really what is going on? DO we not face enough dangers from thoughtless and distracted drivers - do we really need to court more disaster?

Just two days ago a rider was killed near Bragg Creek AB because he passed a vehicle when unsafe to do so.

Riding drunk, riding too fast, riding without a license - great way to either get yourself killed and subsequently hurt all those who love you or land yourself in hot water again making those who love you pay the price...not only are most of these behaviours dangerous - they are selfish.

As always - I welcome your thoughts and comments on all of the topics I write about - discussion and debate is healthy!

In other news:
BCCOM wants to remind you of the meeting tomorrow: From the thorny topic
of helmets to the horse power to weight ratio and all the rest. Other
topics will include parking in Vancouver and the MLA Ride on May 6th. Be there if any of the topics matter to you.
In Montreal one man asks why motorcycles are so noisy...

William Shatner's H-D is going on the auction block for charity.

And last but not least Bill Davidson has been named Vice President of the Harley-Davidson Museum and Factory Tours

In sports - the MotoGP rises out of the ashes of the volcanic eruption to reappear in Spain!

 If you are a fortunate soul who is riding today - please think and ride...ride like everyone around you is blind and out to get you - ride proud not loud AND PLEASE remember road rash hurts.

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