Over 10,000 people spent Canada Day celebrating with our soldiers at Edmonton Garrison and while it was Canada's only armed forces base to do so - the Edmonton Garrison's soldiers seemed very happy to have had the support and respect of so many. Perhaps other bases will decide to join in on the celebrations in this fashion next year as it appeared very popular with all who attended.

In St Andrews New Brunswick a group of riders has gotten behind a little girl with a rare form of Cancer and epilepsy. She has neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer, in addition to Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy.

Atlanticade agreed to promote a benefit concert, headlined by country musician Julian Austin, and hold an auction to help Chelsea. "We were more than happy to lend our name," Jamieson said. Bikers in Charlotte County also held a Bikers Barbecue in St. George on Wednesday night, with all of the proceeds going to help Chelsea.
With the benefit concert and auction promoted by Atlanticade still to come, Hope for Chelsea has already raised nearly $25,000 to help pay for Chelsea's treatment.
"Our community has really stretched their arms out to help us and have gone over and beyond what we could ever expect," Marlene said.
Despite her challenges, Chelsea has remained in high spirits, and is known around Charlotte County for her big hugs and smile.
"She's been quite a trooper about it, amazing," Marlene said.
"She's a strong girl, (who's) always got a smile on, no matter what."
Doors open at the Hope for Chelsea benefit concert on Saturday evening at 6:30 at the W.C. O'Neil Arena Complex in St. Andrews, with tickets selling for $22 each.
A list of locations where tickets to the benefit concert are being sold can be found at (From the Telegraph-Journal)

If you are in the St Andrews region - the benefit concert tonight might be a really great way to cap off Canada Day Celebrations.

Superbike stars will be in Toronto next week for the only stop in Toronto for the Parts Canada Race circuit.

BMW put a lot of journalists in the motorcycle industry out of their misery by announcing that yes 6 cylinders is in the future for the brand!

In other news motorcycle accidents are again taking the fore.
A doctor from Flin Flon MB was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle.

In Ontario a Milton area man is dead after a head on crash.

Also in Ontario a rider in Strathroy was taken to hospital after a  vehicle turned in front of him.

In Red Deer AB a motorcyclist was taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries after a van pulled out in front of him. The driver of the van said he never saw the motorcycle.

In Hollywood, Actor Dean McDermott - Tori Spellings husband is in ICU after a motorcycle accident - he has a collapsed lung among other injuries. The actor is expected to fully recover.

So there you have it folks - some wonderful news, some interesting news and some down right depressing news...

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today...please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and IS out to get you. 

Please ride proud not loud and if you get a noise ticket - please FIGHT IT! 

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