In the US of A the American Motorcycle Association he decided that it was time for riders to educate themselves about where the various politicians stand on issues related to motorcycles.

Being a non partisan organization they do not endorse any candidate but they do help you wade through the mire and get straight to the matters that are most important to riders.

Between questionnaires that were sent out and the voting records on the various issues, the AMA has been able to give one a pretty good insight as to the politicians and their mind set. Perhaps here in Canada it is time to do the same thing?

Lord knows it would be nice to know where some of our politicians stand on things like noise pollution, road and infrastructure maintenance, policing, helmets, after market pipes and accessories, importation...

Yes, I think the AMA may be on to something very significant!

In other news:
I am getting frustrated with the news feeds - the rash of injuries and deaths being reported is worrisome and saddening. Visit the Rider Down section on our web site at: to read about the various accidents and deaths that have taken place. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by a crash...

Don Cherry and Rick Hillier are getting ready to ride across Canada with the 10th Anniversary Ride for Dad Prostate Cancer Run.

In Montreal and throughout Quebec, new insurance rates slow the sales of sport bikes.

Business is taking on a twist of sorts...falling sales but soaring profits...

That rockin' province - Nova Scotia plays host the the 6th annual Dutch Mason's Blues Fest

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - PLEASE - I beg you  - Ride like every SOB in the country has an unsafe load, is blind and can not see you and IS out to get you and please ride Proud not loud and consider some push back on the issues that affect our safety!

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