I am blessed to have two families - my biker family and my blood family.
While I consider you all my family, I do have a biological one.

My kid brother lives near Kamloops, he's 48 years old and like so many people, he is dying from Cancer. It is a form of lung cancer that has him in it's grip. The tumor he has is on his Vena Cava - the main artery that brings the blood back into the heart after it's journey through the body.

Consequently he is suffering from low oxygen, he has emphysema and he tires easily.
Yes, like so many of us from the 60's my brother smoked. In our family mom, dad, one grand mother and two grandfathers smoked - it was accepted and condoned even if no one knew the consequences. My brother never quit until he was forced to because he couldn't breath.

When he and I saw each other recently after a number of years of being estranged - he asked me to quit smoking. When I told him I had almost a year ago now, well he started to cry and when I told him my daughter and my husband had quit too well, he was beside himself. He asked me to make sure I used my pen (this blog) to make sure his plea was heard.

So please, quit smoking...not because you have to, not because it's expensive and hard on your body but because you want to, because you love the people in your life and want to be around to enjoy them. Do it for YOU!

I am leaving today to go help my sister in law out for a while.
Because of the radiation treatments my brother is having a hard time swallowing, his sense of smell is acute and things don't smell right to him - he can't eat because he can't swallow - he's hungry but just can't eat, he's loosing weight rapidly and I sometimes wonder about these treatments...

My sister in law is tired and scared and just really needs a break.
I am going yes to see my brother, but more to support her - this could be a long process or a fast one - only God knows. I was always taught to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. My sister in law needs to look after herself and have a break from the sorrow - get out of the house for a bit and enjoy just charge. I hope to be able to give her a bit of that by taking care of the mundane but necessary so she can sleep all day or go for a walk knowing everything else is taken care of.

I leave on a month long road trip soon - this is my opportunity to make a difference and to show them they are loved - and I am taking it. I don't know if my brother will be here when I get back so I am not taking the chance.

I have always believed in living my life to say I am glad I did, not I wished I had...

If there is someone in your life - that you love and care for you really do have to MAKE time in that busy life to put family first...

Please know I love you all - I may not know you well but if you have touched my life, my heart - I love you. I am built that way - I want the best for you that life can offer and I want you to live a fulfilled and grateful life. If you smoke - Please, take my brother's advice - quit smoking - but do it FOR YOU.

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