Yesterday I asked you about Jackets. I wanted to know what you wear and why you chose the jacket you did. The day before was helmets and our Face Book and Forum discussions gave some great answers - there is now one helmet I am on a mission to find out more about as I look to replace my aging gear!

The answers on Jackets yesterday were sure many and VARIED!

The advancements in riding gear have been many and like so many  people, I need a bit of help trying to decide what to buy. I am skeptical of asking the retailers or manufacturers because we all know that they feel the gear they make or sell is the best. I would rather ask you riders - the people who wear the gear why you have chosen what you have.

So help me. Please.

I have been wearing chaps all of my life. However, I have been rethinking that choice after seeing what happened to a friend's arse when he had to let his bike go in a freak hail storm. You should have seen his butt cheeks and his wallet! WOW were they chewed up. Like me he wore chaps and jeans.

I have read much about pig skin leather pants, I have seen leather overhauls with suspenders, body suits, Cordura pants, Kevlar Jeans...I have seen so many different ideas but am not sure which way I am going to lean towards.

Why have you chosen to wear what you do?

I look forward to having you get involved in the discussion either here, on Face Book or in our forums on

Remember, if you post anonymously I will not post your comment unless you email me to tell me who you are.

In Other News:
In Ontario the police are "shining' a light on a group called Luminati

Also in Ontario a woman has been charged in an accident that killed a rider

An Ontario of road rider is in serious condition after a crash

BRO had a successful fund raiser

In Quebec, taxpayers are going to be shelling out somewhere near 11 million dollars for a trial

In PEI, motorcycle stats are on the mind of many

In BC - police officers are facing charges for a brawl with a local "gang"

Do you suffer from road rage and other aggressive behaviors? Your cat might be responsible!

In the USA - Hell for Leather calls Harley-Davidson out on it's third quarter numbers

On the gear side of things - a small write up on air bags a rider can wear.

If you are among the fortunate and are riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone is out to get you and is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
Ride & Editor

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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