Municipal Elections are upon us.

Like everyone, you need to vote based on the things in your town and city that are taking place, but if you ride a motorcycle I am asking you to consider a few things...

If you read the news about Motorcycle ONLY noise bylaws that are being introduced everywhere - I ask you to truly consider the consequences of not voting and of whom you might be voting for.

If you allow a discriminatory piece of legislation to pass because you did not vote, how are you going to feel when you get a ticket? Make no mistake, if the test - the J2825 is not administered properly - you WILL get a ticket. An unfair ticket that you will have to go to court and fight or face loosing hundreds of dollars out of your pocket - because this Bylaw comes with a repeat offender clause that can see fines escalate up to $10,000 dollars - that's right - TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. (Caledon Ontario's bylaw allows for $5,000 for repeat offenders)

People - the reasons noise bylaws have become an issue are:

1: the motorcycle manufacturers thought it would be a good idea to pay for and set a standard for motorcycle noise so that tickets issued by police officers would not be subjective - however, the test is flawed because it can not be PROPERLY done on the road side - too many other ambient noises can affect the results. It is the MMIC going around the country showing the various communities how the test works...for those of you who don't know who the MMIC is - Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council

2: the inconsiderate of our community are making noise an issue for those who are sick, elderly or trying to sleep - that DOES NOT mean the rest of us who are law abiding should be subjected to unfair laws.

Do you realize that the automotive manufacturers are NEVER going to commission and pay for noise standards to be set?  Do you realize that stereo manufacturers are NEVER going to commission and pay for noise standards to be set? Why? Because they work under the assumption that 95% of people are going to use and enjoy their products responsibly and that is not up to them to police their consumer.

You do realize that the guy with the boom box in his car - you know the one - the guy/gal that drives by your house nice and slow so that the windows rattle out of your house with the base so low that you can hear/feel him coming for two blocks...HE/SHE is probably NEVER going to get a ticket for excessive noise...neither is the guy/gal with the chipped up diesel pick up running straight pipes....or and other noise offender - why? They are not easy to single out the way a motorcycle is. It truly is that simple folks.

If we - as tax payers, as voters continually fail to hold our elected officials responsible for their actions we are going to be legislated to death - the trend - in case you haven't noticed is to treat tax payers and voters as if we have ZERO ability to think for ourselves.

If you watched the Fifth Estate on the 16th of October you will see the dangerous, dangerous way of thinking that has pervaded the RCMP in this country for over 30 years - if you haven't, if you think I am so full of BS that my eyes MUST be dark brown, that I am a fear monger the way I have been accused of being in the past - think again...
I URGE you to watch this TV Episode originally aired on October 16th 2010 - and to remember this is CANADA this happened in..

Our police services call the shots in this country or so it appears - the politicians in this documentary - the people supposedly running this country had NO IDEA what the police services - the RCMP in particular were up to. The documentary made my blood run it and tell me how you feel.

What is next for our community here in North America?

Let's look around this big old world of ours and look at the trends - trends that only we as a community can do anything about...BY VOTING - being active...

Look at Europe and what is happening over there.
Because of the explosive growth in motorcycling, there has been an increase in motorcycle fatalities. It's a trend that has happened right around the world.

Now in Belgium and potentially later in the EU they are looking to restrict when you can have a motorcycle license from 21 to 24 years of age. At 18 you can drive a car but you won't be allowed a street bike license until 24? HMMM

Read the article from Virginia...
Look at the new helmet law in BC...
Look at Saskatoon SK, Caledon ON  and Edmonton AB and Bragg Creek AB

Look at the Motorcycle ONLY Check stops that have been set up...the NHSTA in the US is being urged to stop  funding them, BC had two that we know of this year...

All around the US there are places you can NOT ride a motorcycle, there are restrictive noise bylaws being implemented - look what the Governor of California just signed...

If you can not see that our community is being singled out as a hot topic for politicians - then our community - our way of life is doomed to be legislated against time after time  and why?

Because the politicians can be seen as doing something - as looking good to the constituents in their riding's who are vocal and displeased with us. Make no mind that once they get rid of us they will move on to another topic but once they are done with the motorcycle community we will be left in tatters enjoying only a few things about riding that we remember from days gone by. THE FACE OF MOTORCYCLING WILL CHANGE - are we going to have any say as to how?

It is only by voting and policing our own that that will happen...
So are you going to vote?

I supply you the links to all of the articles - one's I have NOT Written - that I have had NO Hand in - PLEASE read - educate yourself. As a responsible motorcyclist I URGE you to get out and vote.

Remember if you DO NOT VOTE - you are giving your vote to the person who is against us and YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO WHINE when crap goes really sideways.

As always, I would love for your feed back on this topic - remember however - in order for your two bits worth to be noted you MUST be willing to put your name to it. Anonymous comments will only be accepted if you email me your real name.

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Belt Drive Betty
Ride & Editor
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