The news out of Vancouver today is FILLED with video of two motorcycles speeding through the Lower Mainland on their motorcycles reaching speeds of up to 200 KM per hour.

I watched the video thinking to myself - these people are nuts, crazy, someone is going to get hurt and sure enough the last bike crashes...
All I am going to say about this incident: I am saddened that people have not yet learned that you can not out run a Motorola and if you needed the adrenaline rush that bad - there are some great tracks you could have taken yourselves and your motorcycles to.

In Moncton, a 19 year old rider was killed when a vehicle turned left in front of him, however NO charges are being laid  - it makes you wonder what isn't being said in the article. Was the rider speeding excessively? Who was driving the vehicle?
Why was not even a charge of failing to yield the right of way laid?  I find it puzzling and I can not imagine how the parents must be charges in an accident that resulted in death...why?

In Regina - Tattoo Artist Terry Oh needs your support, love and assistance.
He has lost part of one leg as a result of the crash on September 30th. The driver of the van involved in the crash has been charged with making a left-hand turn before safe to do so.  There is a Facebook page to support him and some fundraisers taling place - on is a steak dinner and another is a silent auction. If you can help out or just want to offer some moral support PLEASE do!  FB Terry Oh Page:
FB Silent Auction Page:
And the Facebook support page:

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In Other News:
In Truro Nova Scotia the RCMP are looking for the remains of a Hells Angel who went missing in 1999.

Video cameras are being installed in buses in Metro Vancouver to assist in accident investigation for the police and ICBC.

Prince George BC has been named the Crime Capital of Canada....

In Vernon BC, the RCMP are asking for witnesses to a crash where a motorcycle hit a pedestrian.

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If you are a fortunate soul that is riding today, PLEASE, ride safe - you are important to some one - remember that.

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