The Ottawa Senators have gotten some potentially good news as their orthopaedic surgeon, Don Chow made a surprise appearance at Scotiabank Place for Friday's regular-season opener, visiting with coaches, management and players before the game against the Buffalo Sabres. On Aug. 28  Dr Chow was in a collision in which his motorcycle struck a car that had turned in front of him and he suffered among other injuries brain damage.

In the USA, Lance McCoy, the half brother of Washington Redskins defencive tackle Albert Haynesworth was killed in a motorcycle crash in Nashville on Friday. According to the information available, he was speeding Thursday night when he collided with a car pulling out of a parking lot and the police said that their preliminary investigation found McCoy's excessive speed was the main cause of the crash. Our hearts go out to the family.

I got an email from Steve Hammer the Treasurer of the Salmon Arm Summer Stomp and Event Manager for Sturgis of the North. He expressed to me his dismay of how I portrayed his relationship with the two events when I wrote about conflicts of interest. He says that the Sturgis of the North event is a paid position and the Stomp is something he does to give back to his community and that the Stomp committee knew of his accepting the paid position with Sturgis North before hand. 

He felt I should have called and asked questions of both groups. I had had contact with the one and only person with the Stomp that I knew how to get a hold of.  I am now being told that this person from the Stomp committee that I talked with is disgruntled. I am told I should have done more research before I questioned what was happening. I have been given a list of people that I can contact that are also members of the Stomp Committee to get a broader sense of what is truly going on, but honestly - I have no heart for any of it. I am tired and burnt out from all of the personality conflicts and politics that have been present in my own world.

I wish both the Stomp and Sturgis of the North well and I apologize for using this situation to compare how mine measured up. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Belt Drive Betty

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