Well folks - the stats on the long weekend are coming in and they are not looking too good.

We have at least two dead and three seriously injured.
One man was injured because of a skateboarder. That's right - a skateboarder. (shakes head)

Now folks - I am not going to get all maudlin on you but I would like you to consider something:
This was the first of many firsts for my family - it was our first Thanksgiving without my brother. Soon we will go through our first Remembrance Day and then our first Christmas...

The way one's heart feels is bitter sweet - we know he is out of pain and we are grateful but we are in pain and sad ourselves.

Think on this...the families of these people who have been killed this past weekend...they - unlike us, had no chance to say good bye, no chance to mend fences and heal hearts - how must these poor people feel?

My heart goes out to these families and I ask you - if you are driving your cage - PLEASE, put down the cell phone, quit reading the map, book or paper, leave your make up until you are stopped, put the razor away until you are at the office, ignore the kids or pull over and tan their little hiney's - whatever you are doing behind the wheel that does not involve driving and paying attention - PLEASE stop.

If you are riding your motorcycle - PLEASE, slow down and be more hyper aware than ever.

If you die - well that's one thing, but what about your family and your friends ? The people who love you - what are they supposed to do?  If you kill someone - how are are the people who love you going to support you and deal with the aftermath? All I ask is that you consider the consequences that are forced on others because of your choices...

As always - I welcome your comments and feedback - I do ask you to please not leave anonymous comments - if you do I probably will not post them....(Unless of course you email me with your real name for my own knowledge).

There is lot's in the news today:

In Keremeos BC a man who is in rehab after a crash talks about his progress

In Terrace BC a record $23K was raised for their Toy Run

In Ontario - late night talk show host George Strombo talks about  the art of the motorcycle odyssey 

Also in Ontario, North Bay Police are on the look out for a yellow sport bike

In Newfoundland, motorcycle registrations have doubled in the last 5 years! In 2005 there were 7,800 and in 2009 that number is now 14,300!

Harley-Davidson in Canada has a lot of PINK wear available for the October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Ducati is set to unveil their new muscle cruiser in Milan Italy

I have a question - I have never seen or heard any information on Yamaha Canada giving out education bursaries have you? But in the US they just gave out over $70K ...
I wonder how come we don't do that sort f thing here in Canada? Is it our small population base that prevents that from happening?

Oh and to the rotten SOB who broke in at my sister in law's and stole my dead brother's dirt bike and tools - we know you are a local to the Sorrento/Salmon Arm area - probably a roofer and we are watching and looking for you.  Just and FYI A$$wipe - either return what you stole (these were keep sakes for my nephew) or watch over your shoulder - cause I will not rest until you are found and brought to justice.

Belt Drive Betty
Ride & Editor

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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