Sometimes the old boy upstairs has a funny sense of humour - you ever notice that?

I have been asking you all for feedback on new gear and what happens - there is an article on Italy banning the beanie. And not just the beanie but event the DOT version of the beanie...

And the fines - even to tourists are not gonna be cheap - from 80 up to 300 Euros....

Today's question is all about gloves...I have seen the effects of wearing no gloves in the event of an accident and it is not a pretty picture.

Currently I own 2 sets of gauntlets - one light weight and the other more of a winter type and then I also have a pair of fingerless gloves that cover the entire top and palm but leave the fingers from the middle knuckle down exposed. They are my warm weather gloves...

What brand and style of glove do you wear and why?

I am very curious as gloves are not something people tend to talk a lot about.
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In the news today:

In the US - Harley-Davidson is honoring the vets at the museum in Milwaukee

Also in the US - Motorcycle Sales continue to decline 

The RCMP say the property seizure act is a vital tool in fighting organized crime

In BC a rider was taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries after a crash

On the national scene - Terry Rae is being presented with the Bar & Hedy Hodgson Award

Dalton Timmis Insurance has announced a new program for motorcycles and other recreational vehicles.

If you are among the fortunate and are riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone is out to get you and is blind and can not see you and remember you are FORTUNATE cause here in the great white north - the white is descending in various places... I am jealous of all who are still riding!

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