Since starting Belt Drive Betty dot com and the Busted Knuckle Chronicles Newspaper back in 2003 - I have ensured that giving back to my community was high on my list of priorities.

My philosophy in life is to pay forward every kindness I have ever been shown.

I started the BDB Foundation - a non registered mutual benefits society - to regulate how I give back. The key stake holders in my business work me with to assess who and how we give back to.

I donate space in the newspaper and sponsor events with free publicity, Ali (Our wonderful Web Mistress) and I sponsor web sites for riding clubs and non profits.

I used to have an on line store and we'd run small sales and donate the proceeds to Breast Cancer research or the Military Families Fund...

Well - after a whole bunch of soul searching and trying to figure out how to give back without politics and personality conflicts I finally hit on the right idea.
I talked to the other key stakeholders in the CMTA - of which I am one.
(Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association)

I expressed to them the need for a riders assistance fund that could help people during the period of time between an accident and the time insurance proceeds come in. They agreed to administer a fund that would be accessed by application. This fund will assist any rider with a valid motorcycle license/learner's permit, passenger or family dependent on the individual situation.

They agreed that this was a great idea and easily done utilizing the Belt Drive Betty information, communication and networking  tools to facilitate things.

A special committee of three riders was struck and they are currently working with a lawyer to construct an application to do just that - find a way to support  riders.
I will be printing a profile on each of those three riders come February or March once the CMTA's Injured Rider Fund Page is built....

We are re launching the BDB Club Store....

The store will have for sale things like license plate and street and bar signs.
It will have the new BDB Club Patches, the Canadian Riders Support Network Patches
Subscriptions to the Busted Knuckle Chronicles Community Newspaper
Key Tags and other items as we can afford them...

We will - as the BDB Foundation - donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these items to the CMTA's Injured Rider Fund. Ali and I are sponsoring the web site, Intercon Messaging is sponsoring the 800 Number - before too much longer everything will be in place in time for the 2011 riding season!

When I get products given to me to do reviews on, depending on the item we will auction it off or donate it as a silent auction item to an injured riders fund raiser.

Helping my fellow rider has ALWAYS been important to me - and I needed to find a way that made sense to me and my business - this makes sense to me and I hope you will support what we do by purchasing your subscriptions to the community newspaper, patches, key chains etc through our store when it comes on line in Mid November....

As a business or individual you can donate directly to the CMTA - Be it with cash or goods for either auctions or to go out to individual fundraisers -
by making your cheque out to: Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association (Tagged with Injured Rider's Fund) And mail it to 10908-102 St Grande Prairie AB T8V 2X3....
Or by mailing your product donation to the same address as above.

The CMTA will be acknowledging ALL donations and how they are distributed on the CMTA's Injured Rider Fund Web Page which is being designed and will be launched sometime in February.

The BDB Club & The BDB Foundation supporting the CMTA's Injured Riders Fund!

In other news:

In ON - The MCC is looking for a new boss. Are you the right person to do the job?
And in Caledon one rider wishes the councellors who had approved the new noise bylaw would have shown up for the testing day hosted by Luc Fournier of the Motorcycle Moped Industry Council (The Motorcycle Manufacturers of Canada)

In BC - Azzkikr Customs is offering some wicked deals to members of the BDB CLub - register on line for FREE membership to take advantage of their offers!

The court case of a man who killed two well known BC riders got underway.

In Alberta - Edmonton Harley-Davidson is also offering some special deals to our members!
                As is Gypsy in Stony Plain (Located in TJ & The Bear Biker Wear)
In Okotoks a rider will be going to trail after pleading not guilty to impaired in a case where he and his passenger were seriously injured.
In the mean time, have a glorious day. Remember to than God for the gifts in your life, to drink your Biker Coffee Company Coffee WITH your friends (Hoarding is an unattractive trait) and if you are riding today - PLEASE - remember what a lucky bugger you are and ride safe. Ride like EVERYONE is out to get you!

Belt Drive Betty
Rider & Editor

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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