We hear often about companies vigorously defending their trade marks. Harley-Davidson, in the world of motorcycles is one that is often in the news or discussed in small business circles for that very reason - defending their trade mark. but guess what - not this time.

Nope this time it is the Hell's Angels who are defending their mark.

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen Trading Ltd. and Saks Inc. are being sued - The goods in question – some labelled “Hells Angels Pashmina,” “Hells Angels Jacquard Box Dress” and “Hells Knuckle Duster” – are confusingly similar to the group’s “Death Head” marks, the lawsuit alleges.So - if you are one of the posh who can afford to shop at places like Saks...careful what you buy....

The RCMP in BC get in on the discussion about the new REALLY TOUGH speeding laws in BC.
Neil Johnston of One Wheel Drive - one of my favorite writers - gets up close and personal on this topic and some of the answers he gets may shock you or not...

He discusses everything from the demerits to insurance all the way to the impound fees, toeing fees, road side justice to the potential for prejudice from the police. He tackles all of the hard issues head is a read I am sure  you will find enlightening.

Roads are becoming safer for riders in the US and Britain... overall the stats bear out that even tough traffic has increased, fatalities of those on bikes is decreasing.

Hell for Leather seems to have found some more reasons to not like the Harley-Davidson motorcycle too much - they have found a rather unflattering review on the Motor Corp's bikes from the Michigan State Police...  and it appears to be backed up by the LAPD

Today's gear question - goggles, glasses and visors - what do you use and for those of you who wear glasses in particular - I am getting glasses in a couple of weeks and that is going to change what I wear for eye wear - HELPPPPP - I need to figure out what I want to try out for eye wear on my bike now too!

A blogger friend - Fuzzy Galore, came across this company on the Net... - no type o there, DONOR is the name of this motorcycle apparel company  from India...what are your thoughts on the name?

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If you are among the fortunate and are riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone is out to get you and is blind and can not see you and remember you are FORTUNATE cause here in the great white north - the white is descending in various places... I am jealous of all who are still riding!

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