Since the news feeds are nice and quiet other than for sports, I thought I'd take some more time to ask you for feed back on glasses and goggles.

You have all been so helpful in talking about the jackets, chaps, boots etc...and I appreciate ytour taking the time to talk about good gear with me.

Now - glasses...I have some from an outfit called Chaotic Choppers - hands down they were the best glasses I have ever owned but they were expensive - $300 a pair. They had interchangeable lenses and were ultra light weight made from CNC machined aluminum.

Chaotic Choppers is not around from what I can find out and sadly though the frames and lenses are great still the nose pieces are buggered on both pairs and I can't seem to find anyone who can re foam them.

So - I am in the market for a really good set of glasses and or goggles - now I have one more kink yet to deal with. I was just prescribed how do you deal with that?

I wear a half helmet...any suggestions?
What should I be budgeting for this particular purpose?

That's all I have for now...I would LOVE your feedback on this can join the discussion here in my blog, on my Face Book or in our forums on

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