The news feeds are once again very quiet and so today I am going back to the topic of gear and am asking you about riding boots.

During the January and February bike shows I will be looking for new gear to replace my tired stuff.

So - I wear braces on both feet. The mechanical ankle makes it super tough for me to wear very many kinds of boots.

My requirements are zippers, preferably outside of the boot not inside. Lace ups are a must to adjust the tension. They must be ankle height minimum.

My one season old Harley boots have just about got a hole worn in the back of the left heel from the heel toe shifter. While I only use that shifter rarely, it holds my foot in place and helps take the strain off of my weakest knee...the left one.

If any of you have suggestions as to what boot I should consider trying I'd appreciate it.
Out of all of the riding gear I have to choose this winter - this is the one investment that for me - it's one of the MOST important...

I'd also be curious about the footwear you have invested in and why - because by your sharing, some rider who reads this blog and the comments might find some solutions to their footwear decisions.

There is one thing of interest in the news for Albertan's. If you live here and you enjoy road racing your future may not be too bright.  Stratotech has announced that it is up for sale. So that will mean NO road racing in Calgary or Edmonton...what a freaking shame that would be.

The track in Edmonton - if I remember right from the article is worth like 7 million dollars (that might be what it had cost to build)  Anyway - whatever the price tag is - I think it would be phenomenal to see this track be bought - I think all of those high powered machines out there that need a place to play, that is safe and free from outside factors as much as possible. A place where people can test their limits and that of their machines...

So everyone, let's pray that the Stratotech park gets purchased by someone who really loves motorsports.

And this one is for ALL Canadian Riders...Cycle Source Magazine is running a survery on their site and our very own Mark Mazerolle of the BMHS Bike Klub in Moncton is up for the man of the year award.

I would take it as a personal favor if you would consider taking the time to fill out the survey and vote for Mazz - the work this man does with the kids of the Bike Klub is inspiring.

That's it for me today - final proofing and layout of our 2011 phone book - the next 5 days - that's all I do...

Belt Drive Betty
Rider & Editor

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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