Social networking, Facebook in particular appears to be like the rest of us when it comes to this social networking thing. They appear to be making the rules as they go.

Although there are FB sharing tools everywhere - if they don't like the link or the article you are sharing they make it so you can't see it.

If you become "popular" with 5,000 friends - guess what - they cut you off.
I have been at the point of not being able to join a group - cause I am a member of too many groups in their eyes for at least 5 months now. I have not been able to "like" another page in about the same length of time.

Now I can't add any friends - only confirm those who had accepted previous requests or referrals. remember - I have only been on Facebook for 10 months in any kind of earnest way - 1 year since I set things up but only 10 months of active use...

I joined Facebook, kicking and screaming. My web mistress ORDERED me to join and create a group, a personal and a fan page. So I did that - now the group page is closed - what a pain to maintain that personal page is there but has hit the growth wall and now I have to work my fan page and my personal page together...- what the heck happened tot the social in social network marketing?

Well - for those of who who are interested - once our community phone book is done and off to the printers I will be working my own Facebook style of components a lot harder on

I am going to get two groups going over there for sure: the RFBA one and the BDB Club one.

You can start your own social networking group on - it's free and works almost like Facebook and the best part? It just us riders over there!

So while Facebook decides my public fate on the amount of friends I can have and I finish this community phone book - I hope you my friends will join me either on my fan page or better yet, don't make a girl work so hard - become a member over at

Instead of helping a big corporation, how about helping a little owner operator..join us - our sharing tools are free and the only restrictions will be when our server starts to cost more - and even then - if we can attract the advertisers that won't have to be an issue either...

So for all of you who love "crackbook" so much:!/pages/Belt-Drive-Betty-The-Busted-Knuckle-Chronicles/201980414908  that's the link to our fan page...

For those of you who wouldn't working on building a "bikers" community on

Our NEW Groups components are done BETA testing and are ready for you to use!
They are brand new and clean and all they need is you - your pictures, your videos, your laughter and become a home - so come on and help us grow our own community where the only restriction on how many people you can have as friends is going to be how many advertisers we can attract to help us grow! Go on your profile tab and then to community groups....Join us - WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU THERE!

Remember all BDB Club members have the ability to print off their membership card for savings at close to 300 Canadian Businesses and use the NEVER RIDE ALONE program from Intercon Messaging for FREE!

Let me know your thoughts on social networking for we riders - what is important to you?
Photo galleries, sharing tools, videos etc - what makes a social network work for you?
I'd LOVE to have you in on this discussion!!!!

Belt Drive Betty
Rider & Editor

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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