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The rules are simple: 
We will be asking a question each day for today - tomorrow and Saturday.
Each day our winner goes in to the semi finals...

On Sunday I will email three questions to those three daily winners - the first person to email me back the most correct answers wins Two Tickets to the Toronto International Super Show.

Be the first person to answer today's questions right to advance to the next round:

Prior to Harley-Davidson, who made motorcycles for Evel Kneivel?

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I will announce round one's winner tomorrow when we will have the round two question.

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Now on to the news of the day. The AMA in the US Annouced the Governator as their man of the year for motorcycling. At first I thought it was a cruel and sick joke considering various the black eyes delivered to the riding community by Arnold in his capacity as Governor of California - however - it was no joke. I have never really followed the AMA Awards but this year it caught my eye....

Awarded annually, the AMA Motorcyclist of the Year designation recognizes the person(s) who has had the most profound impact on the world of motorcycling, for better or worse, in the previous 12 months.

Yes - I agree with the AMA that the Governator has probably done the MOST damage to the riding community of anyone. I wonder if his unlicensed crash and subsequent embarrassment had anything to do with some of his choices and decisions. I wonder if the irony of his actions compared to what the Movie going American thought he would be is lost on the Governator or if he sees what a walking contradiction he is viewed as...Freedom Fighter - fictional movie role - Oppressor in his real role as Governor...

He truly does deserve the AMA Motorcyclist of the year for most negatively impacting the community and industry. I will never spend one penny to watch another of his movies - I know it is a drop in the bucket of the man's riches but it is the small and morally right decision in my heart that allows me to feel like I have done something!
How about you? What are your thoughts on the GOVERNATOR?

Join me in the forums on, on my personal Face Book Page - Belt Drive Betty, on my Fan Page - Belt Drive Betty & The Busted Knuckle or right here in my blog - I WOULD LOVE to hear your thoughts on this topic!

In the news today:
If you have $330 USD to spend on a toy for your toddler how about a Ducati?
Bikes in the Fast Lane shares info on a motorcycle helmet company with different skins you can put on your helmet...

In Fort Lauderdale Florida, what is believed to be the largest Toy Run held in the US saw 30,000 riders participate, sadly 4 went to hospital when on bike collided with the rear end of another.
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Have a FABULOUS day - I know mine will be...
Please if you are attending Christmas Parties, plan your way home in advance!

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