In the Globe and Mail today there is an article about the Quebec Government's Insurance Board (SAAQ) hiring a firm to spy on the group Front Commun Motocycliste at motorcycle shows so that they could find out how well organized and measure the temperature of the riders so to speak.

You see in Quebec - the average motorcyclist has seen their insurance rates double and if you own a sport bike - quadruple. You may remember Project  Escargot - the rolling, plodding is a link to an article in May to refresh your memory as to what this "battle" is all about.

Now folks - I am not surprised by the government actually spying on people are you?
Look around us - cameras everywhere, police with absolute authority, road side "justice", rights and freedoms, well they appear to be something from the past.

Nothing in this country is ever going to change for the better until we, the people who pay the government start DEMANDING AND INSISTING that common sense be used. The power plays, the corruption and greed - they are prevalent everywhere you look.

For the riders in Quebec of ALL places in Canada to be horrified or appalled at their government and its flagrant disregard for them is what is horrifying in this story. Did you really - honestly ever think that the government in your province was going to treat you any differently now than they did when they raised your insurance rates? Really? You gave in far too early in the game - again that is just my humble opinion....

I get so fed up with people who whine, complain and snivel but never get off their asses to affect change - in order for anything to change there must be an effort put in somewhere by someone and the more the better. 

I was so impressed with the Quebec riding community as they had done what no one else in Canada has ever done (at least not in my recollection) They had unified the riding community over a common issue/enemy and they were winning. It was the first time a successful organized protest has been done in Canada (IMHO) and that was - Operation Escargot - which I don't feel should have been stopped just because the government agreed to talks.  The taxpayer needs to keep the pressure on the government to do what is right - sadly it seems that crooks and politicians are the only breed of people who can manage any kind of sustained anger or unified movement/front...if we ordinary citizens ever decided to truly hold our governments here and around the world accountable...
I know -it's a nice pipe dream.

In other news today there is the most amazing and inspirational story.

Marc Ristori was the Swiss Open Champion when he crashed during a supercross race, paralyzing his legs. Watch the video of his first ride since the accident...he may be in a wheel chair and he may have not been on a bike in almost three years but by 2 minutes in you can see glimmers of the racer and the competitor he was...I came across this tiny write up and the stunning YouTube video on the Hell for Leather site.

Again - being that time of year, the news feeds are reasonably quiet...

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  1. Well Bikers in QC have always been suspisious to the authorities, (rigthly or wrongly).
    Having said that, I don't think the AC government actions towards bikers in general is justified...there are a few rotten apples and the Government knows exactly who they are...evrybody else is just innocent and looking for a good time