I think that the auto industry could learn a few things from Kawasaki.

Kawasaki believes that there is nothing as sacred as their reputation for quality and in a move that surprised no one they announced that they are recalling all of the ZX-10R's.

Not only are all that are on dealer's floors being shipped back to the company but:
Those who have taken delivery of a unit will be instructed to return the unit to the dealership for a full refund and will be among the first to have the option of receiving a new unit once the technical hold has been lifted. 

No pussyfooting around, no putting profits before lives but holding true to the integrity that this company has long been known for...I like that and while I may never own a Kawasaki motorcycle, (I have never found one that fit me right - and yes I have test ridden a few)
I can honestly say that most people I know who have a Kawasaki are pretty happy with their dealer and their bike.

Pat Savage - our old friend has been over in Thailand and Norway for quite a while now...and the cat is out of the bag as to what he has been up to!
He has been working on a soon to be aired series called the Savage Roads and ''Ridin Hard... Livin Free''  is his new CD being recorded now in Legend Studios.
What a busy guy!  Anyway, Pat has a special offer for all you bike riding music buffs so make sure you read the article (It's a short one)!

Also in the music Genre is an upcoming band called the MeanStreet Riders.
If you haven't read the article done by MJ Reynolds of Motorcycle Event News in the US, you should take a look at her pick for 2010 stocking stuffers - the lady has got an ear for music! We got a hold of MeanStreet Mary and she sent us the bands digital bio and some downloads of their music...The downloads are on the Lifestyles - Music Page and they are free!

The winners for tickets to the Toronto International Super Show in January were
Mark W and  Willy P - thanks for playing our Trivia game! It was interesting to see how many people could not answer the first Question! (Over 100 people tried and failed!)
The question that stumped so many? 
Prior to Harley-Davidson, who made motorcycles for Evel Kneivel?   Answer - American Eagle

I welcome your thoughts and opinions on the topics of the day, the Kawasaki Recall and Music and TV done by riders...Join the discussion in our forums, on my Face Book page or our Face Book Fan Page or right here!

In other News:

China officially takes over as the world's LARGEST producer of motorcycles in the world - sorry Japan, mover over!

In London England, Prince Charles proves that a parent is a parent is a parent no matter what the title!

In California, David Mann was remembered and celebrated.

In shopping news - besides the great offer from Pat Savage, HaberVision is offering up some wicked specials!

And in Sports - Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada is planning on shaking things up in the National Superbike Series!

Have a FANTASTIC day - I know mine will be...
Please if you are attending Christmas Parties, plan your way home in advance!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Anonymous5:35 AM

    It would have been nice to read exactly what was SO wrong that they are actually pulling bikes back from their customers.
    Are the wheels going to fall off?

  2. Last post was mine,

  3. I normally do not publish anonymous comments but this time I decided to because - KAWASAKI won't tell anyone why they have suspended all deliveries - they claim not performance based but...we are told it is a quality control issue.
    As we know more - so will you.

  4. One of the first Bikes I owned was a blue Kawasaki 900 was a very fast bike which left me with many fond memories