We here in North America are a pretty fortunate lot. We do face discrimination, we do face harsh laws and penalties but we also enjoy a certain level of freedom and peace not found elsewhere in the world.

I am highlighting a story about everyday riders who are being penalized for riding two up due to marshal law being implemented to keep holiday processions and celebrations safe.

According to Wikipedia: Muharram (Arabic: محرم) is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year in which fighting is prohibited. Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Gregorian calendar.

On December 2nd, the police in Lahore Pakistan asked for a total ban on pillion/two up riding because motorcycles are often used by terrorists and criminals.

So 3,800 people who use their motorcycle for transportation lost them - were fined AND had their bikes confiscated - because they defied the ban and were lumped in the category of criminal.

I feel so sorry for these people. When I look at what is happening around the world to motorcyclists, I see this unfriendly madness and I see it creeping in to the North American way of thinking and it is terrifying.

We need to start being far more proactive in policing our own and looking after, defending and protecting our freedoms in this country and the US because if we don't get with the program soon we will be as oppressed as bikers in other country's are. We are becoming more oppressed more babysat than ever before by a police service that is so alarmist that it is indeed scary.(I know we need to be vigilant but some of the measures that are being implemented in the name of security and safety are to my way of thinking OVERKILL and others are so poorly implemented as to be laughable.)

We need to start looking after our community - acting like a family again and start having each others we used to. It is time to truly start working together, to talk, share and unite...can we do it? That remains to be seen...I'd like to think we could.

In Edmonton they are bracing for the first round of noise violation tickets to start going through court - but they are not the only ones, riders across Canada are holding their collective breaths to see what is going to happen here...if these riders can beat their tickets it will be a victory for the little guy - the motorcyclists who is becoming an oppressed citizen in this country and south of the border. I am so proud of whoever the 50 so riders are who are fighting their ticket and carrying the torch. Way to go people!

The stand most riders take on the Noise Bylaw issue is one of "ticket everyone fairly - we have no problem with that -  just quit targeting ONLY us."

If you think that we are not being oppressed: look at the NHTSA in the states and it's MOTORCYCLE ONLY Check stops..helmet laws are being looked at for all of the US and have come into effect in BC already - Canada's last bastion for the beanie.

How do we change this tide of anti biker mentality?  We start by focusing on the things we want, the things we enjoy as a collective. We conduct ourselves with respect and courtesy and when we see others who are not - we take some kind of affirmative action to either educate or turn your back on the offenders - shun them from your circles, walk away from the one who has to do a wheelie on main street for his perceived audience, if you don't give him/her the audience and attention he/she seeks they will eventually tire of their stupidity or move on to a different way of expressing their need to be  noticed.

Folks - I love my community, culture and way of life and I for one do not want to see it get to that point here it is in country, like it is in countries like Pakistan or cities like Manila... and it could - with the threat of terrorism constantly looming - it really could happen here - we, the tax payer - the people - are the keepers of freedom and common sense...WE need to step up and look after what our soldiers have preserved for us - the concept and notion of Freedom of oppression - if WE do not defend our rights and freedoms as citizens - well as the old adage goes - USE IT OR LOOSE IT...

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  1. I'm going to disagree with your view that the 3800 should not have been fined and their rides confiscated. You explained it yourself that terrorists use bikes to launch attacks on motorcycles, and that the law was instituted because of an imposition of martial law.
    If even 1 attack was stopped because of this, I say "GREAT". Not having a passenger is a small price to pay for a month or so without bombings.
    If the same law was brought in here for the same reasons, I'm thinking that every one would breathe a sigh of relief. If you feared going into the city because of biker bombings and random attacks, would you not?

    On the noise law in Edmonton......
    I'm hoping that any of the 50 charged pull the Constitutional card. The one that says discrimination to certain groups is not allowed. And if there are convictions, that they are willing to take it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Personally, I'm going to stay out of any city that brings in such an insane law, and deals with idiots with the existing laws already on the books.

  2. While I agree with you on some points P I guess my point was it only takes a few to destroy it for the many and how many of those people only have a motorcycle to go to work and how many need to ride two up to get there? I am just saying we need to really watch and learn.