So, what happens when a province changes their rules of the road and you visit that province and are uninformed of the new laws?

Well in September the laws in BC changed and in three very short months 77 Albertan's found their holiday plans in tatters - their vehicles were impounded, they were left on the side of the road, forced to find accommodations where ever they were caught.
Their offense? Speeding 40 over. The costs of impounding and fines alone can be over $1000 - hotels etc are on top of that.

And the RCMP have NO MERCY. Their answer is: This isn't a race track.

And their drinking and driving laws changed as well seeing your vehicle impounded if you are at .05 - .08 is a thing of the past in BC.

And guess what...Alberta is watching. If the laws in BC show a reduction in speeding and drinking and driving well get ready cause it WILL be coming our way.
Minister Luke Ouellette is especially keen to see if drunk driving cases are reduced in B.C. “It’s certainly worth looking at,” Ouellette told the Sun earlier this fall.
So, a word to the wise, if BC is in your holiday plans - SLOW DOWN and if you have so much as one drink - take a cab, get a ride with a friend or stay put - otherwise you ARE going to be in a world of hurt!

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In Other News:

Harley-Davidson is releasing some of it's first bikes built from Complete Knock Down Kits at their Indian Assembly Plant

In China - a flagship Benelli store has opened

In Hong Kong the police are testing the Brammbo Electric Motorcycle for their police force.

At the October 2010 Haynes International Motor Museum auction a new high mark  - An unknown private buyer with an excessive amount of disposable income – and, we hope, a passion for this beautiful machine – purchased a 1929 Brough Superior SS100 for the new record high amount of £286,000 (US$450,188)

If you love rare motorcycles and have some disposable cash the 1994 Ducati Supermono
is up for grabs.

In the US - Victory and Operation Gratitude have made about 60,000 soldiers day!

Also in the US Helmets are the hot topic with the Feds...THEY WANT ALL MOTORCYCLISTS wearing helmets.

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Please if you are attending Christmas Parties, plan your way home in advance!

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