There is so much in the news today I scarcely know where to start...

Let's start off with the funny of the day. Paris Hilton lending her name to a MotoGP Team...
I realize that the relationship between Queroseno Racing (BQR) team will probably be a financial victory for the players and stakeholders, but if you read the article I am linked to you can see how "Comfortable" the celebutante is on a motorcycle...I know teams need sponsors to make what they do possible but really folks....Paris Hilton and Motorcycles...sorry, I just can't wrap my head around it...

We have another fluff piece for you today - about Tom Cruise and David Beckham forming a midnight motorcycle club - it's not true of course but I thought it was a howl to start the day off with something that funny....and phoney!

In more serious news, Hero Honda's new partner in India will be the Munjal family who is paying Honda out for it's 26% stake at One Billion dollars.

Big Brother in Europe is not backing down on Manditory ABS on Motorcycles

In Abu Dhabi motorcyclists are upset at the new parking fees and the fines imposed for not paying them (They site the fact there is no place for tickets to be placed and no ticket designed to stay on the motorcycle)

Also in the Middle East - in Dubai the surge in vehicle registrations is astounding at a 65% increase and their motorcycle community has grown from 9800 to over 18,800 in just 9 MONTHS!

Harley-Davidson bought back more of their debt and saved themselves millions in interest.

A dude in the US who seems to think Motorcycles need to be banned as unsafe.

In Pima County Arizona the officials there are scaring up $220K to buy a piece of land to prevent the Hells Angels from buying it.

If you are still hunting for a perfect gift or stocking stuffer here's some info on what appears to be a great read: "The Little Book of Fast Bikes"

Or a set of Continental Tires...the review on them is pretty impressive.

Conti's in Calgary has some great helmets on sale.

Visit our classifieds section for some great gift ideas, some new to you never know what you might find in there!

I have some news of my own that I would like to share.
The BDB Foundation has begun sourcing out products and ways and means to raise funds to put into the CMTA's Injured Rider Fund.

To that end we now have 4 patches - all limited quantities from 35 - 100 patches in this first round in total, some signs (5 I think) and some license plates - about a dozen styles of them, that we are selling on our site and will be donating anywhere from $1.00 to the entire profits of the item into the Injured Riders Fund. Visit our almost complete and almost ready to be resurrected BDB Foundation Store...shortly that is where you will go to get your subscriptions for the Busted Knuckle, order your Little Black Book phone books, I even have an Amazon Book Store now!

Only 35 available - 7" x 7"
100 Available - 3" x 3"
 Everything we sell will have a little something set aside for the BDB Foundation to donate to worthy causes, right now the one we are working on supporting is the CMTA's Injured Rider Fund.
We are also promoting the Death Wobble Bikini Calendar - all of the proceeds of it are going in to the CMTA's Injured Rider Fund. You can see the calendar in our classifieds....

Cookie, the President of the CMTA says "If we can have a few thousand dollars raised by the time riding season comes around again, it will sure make it easier for the committee to be able to assist people in an expedient manner. The idea is that the CMTA will gift people the money to assist them between when the accident happens and insurance benefits like section B benefits etc start coming in. And once the rider is on their feet if they  are in a position to and feel so inclined they can gift the funds back to the CMTA Injured Riders Fund so that it can help someone else out and reduce the need for fund raising."

We at the BDB Foundation plan to do our part to make this fund become a reality so it can be of real assistance to this community when a rider needs help.  We need some social safety nets people - we really do!

Well folks - there is still a ton of news that hasn't been discussed over on - but I also have a ton of other work to accomplish as I get ready for the January round of bike shows! I need volunteers in Calgary & Edmonton - if you are so inclined, please drop me a line:
bdbetty @ (fix the spaces in the address before sending)

If you are so inclined to jump in and have a discussion on any of the topics of today - I WOULD LOVE to hear your can join me on Face Book on my personal page: Belt Drive Betty or on the Belt Drive Betty & The Busted Knuckle Fan Page, or in our forums on, here in my blog or on Twitter - bdbetty

Have a FANTASTIC day - I know mine will be...
Please if you are attending Christmas Parties, plan your way home in advance!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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