I am one busy woman - working on average 16 hours a day - and I know I am not alone in putting in those kinds of hours - most small business people do.

The pay sucks but the fringe benefits - wow are they ever fantastic!
You see I have always been the kind of person who believes in the term "Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain"  The thing hubby and I disagree on is how long is short term...

Short term to any small business person means - or to me anyway - a 5-10 year plan.

Being a rider in Northern Alberta we also define short term pain as WINTER or as I call it PMS - Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.

When I asked two weeks ago if anything I do meant anything to anyone that reads this blog or uses our newspaper - it was to try and explain to my husband that - YES - Belt Drive Betty & The Busted Knuckle Chronicles is becoming important to the riding community.

My husband who is a technophobe doesn't understand why I put in the hours I do or where I find my rewards - after yesterday I think that might have changed just a little.

There are two main ratings that a web site can garner that advertisers view as valuable outside of your traffic stats from your web server (we have 38,000 visitors using our site regularly now and 81% of you are Canadian.)

Google Rank, which is about HOW much traffic goes to your site and Alexa which is all about how people who have the Alexa tool bar interact with your site. Our Google Rank is a three - not great - about middle of the road - I need to work on back links to bring that ranking up - but I am more interested in how people use the site.... and that's where Alexa ranking comes in to play. Alexa ranks over 1 Million web sites daily.

Once a day I check how our web site and newspaper is received by you the riders.
I compare to 50 of the best web sites in the world that pertain to motorcycles (I do this while working the news feeds) and where  do we fit in to the mix and I thought we were doing OK.

And now that I know about Alexa and how important their information is to advertisers - once a month I compare us to all of the rest of the motorcycle sites in the world.
(As I am making our 2011 Media Kits right now this is super valuable information to know and share.)

In the Motorcycle category on Alexa there are 2,198 web sites that are ranked.

Our humble little site is run by Alig8r Web Design, Sally - our calendar girl and Gator our Data entry assistant and of course myself - None of us, except Suzie are experts, we have no deep corporate pockets ....and yet...

Well - here is how we stack up:
Out of 2198 Motorcycle Related web sites that Alexa Ranks in the world our site is number 45! Our World wide ranking is 239, 295 best web site in the world which puts us close to being in the top 25% of ALL web sites in the ranking matrix.

Out of 73 Motorcycle Publication Web Sites that are rated by Alexa we are ranked 16th in the world

And in Canada we are ranked as the NUMBER ONE Motorcycle Publication Web Site and the 4,905 best web site in Canada!

That top ranking of our publication's web site are amongst the many blessings and rewards for the job we do!

From the Alexa Site: is ranked #239,295 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings, and it has been online since 2004. We estimate that 81% of this site's visitors are in Canada, where it has attained a traffic rank of 4,970.'s visitors view 28.0 unique pages each day on average. The site has a bounce rate of roughly 18% (i.e., 18% of visits consist of only one pageview).

Some of the other rewards are the people I interact with, helping others find the help or assistance they need, helping riding clubs to promote themselves, the friendships and business relationships that have come about and the purging of those that I thought had integrity and passion and did not!

And lastly - for me - the I have learned so much and continue to do so every day!

As I work at finding balance in my life, I give thanks for those who have believed in this venture - this community and preserving and celebrating our way of life.

You humble me...I feel so honored to have this "New" career - this new lease on life...
Over coming a handicap, finding a place to fit in, a job that fulfills me...
It's not always easy but it is always satisfying and rewarding.

So thank you  to all of you who read our humble little publication, who interact and share with us, who share their stories and their communities with us...we are growing a national and international community - one rider, one business one event at a time!
I hope you will stick with us and see where this ride takes us!

I am giving away two tickets to the Toronto International Super Show in January to the first person who gets 5 of their friends to register on

Our Photo Contest Winner - Timothy Gordon from Ontario should have his Christmas cash soon for his winning photo which graces the home page of

Our 2011 version of the Beat the PMS Blues on line Show 'n' Shine is coming soon so dig out your pictures and get ready! Our Presenting Sponsor is Doran 360 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems - Read all about them here:

We also have event tickets, hotel stays and gift certificates from across the nation as prizes too!

I am stoked and excited cause there is NOTHING better in the winter when you can't ride than oogling and ogling other people's rides and planning future tweaks to your own!

As always I welcome your feed back and input - please join our discussion here in this blog, or on my personal Face Book page (Belt Drive Betty) or our Fan Page (Belt Drive Betty & The Busted Knuckle Chronicles) or in the Forums on - you need to register to post....

In the news over the weekend and into this morning:

In the UK they have discovered that when it comes to reselling motorcycles people are rolling the odometers back...and that there is some fraud happening..

Also in the UK a Harley shop is closing it's doors...

In Canada - Deeley Harley-Davidson has announced lower prices on their 2011 models

In Kamloops BC the Motorcycle Ride for Dad and Deeley Harley-Davidson gave away a motorcycle on the weekend

In the USA they discovered an unsettling thing about identity thieves that every consumer needs to know

And of course there are tons of new motorcycle reviews, Christmas ideas and product reviews including luggage and helmets and there are some great DVD and Book reviews.

I hope you have a FABULOUS day, a STELLAR week and remember
Drive Safely...and if you are attending Christmas parties - PLEASE - PLAN your ride ahead of time.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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