In Nova Scotia - RFBA Members Harold & Wendy Nesbitt of Tour Guide Nova Scotia have announced their new App for IPhone.

You can download it for $4.99 in the Apple store. I have the press  release in the Busted Knuckle for your reading enjoyment on Thursday morning so be sure to watch your in box.

In fact this coming paper is to me, a thing of beauty...I hope you enjoy it thoroughly....
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Also in the "I got a gadget for you section"...Ulitmate Motorcycling has come out with an app for that... their magazine is available for down load for around $10 for the year.

Belt Drive Betty .com works well on Blackberry and Android and our new site, set to launch early January will be Ipad ready as well.

While I have qualified for grants to help me hire a web tech for the specific purpose of taking the paper to the next level, I have not found anyone yet who is interested and more importantly has the skills - YET. We'll get there. It would be faster and easier if I had a partner or win the lottery.  Soon, one day really soon.

We have two ways for you to win tickets for two to the Toronto International Super Show January 7-8-9 2011...

The first way you can win tickets is by helping spread the word about Belt Drive Betty & The Busted Knuckle Chronicles weekly newspaper.

The first person to have 5 friends register our web site (get them to put in the "How did you hear about us box" - Your Name)

Then for those who do not feel comfortable asking their friends to register on our site we are going to host a little trivia get ready!

The first person, every day for 3 a day period (beginning on Thursday) who can correctly answer the daily question will move to the final level of competition...
I will post the question right here in my blog...

On the final day, we will ask three questions and the that answers the most questions correctly will win the tickets. If there is a tie - we do have tie breaker questions at the ready!
Remember we will begin the Trivia Contest on Thursday morning....

There is not a whole ton in the news feeds today....

Bikes in the Fast Lane has a great article on choosing a bike to fit you.

Hot Bikes Baggers mag has the 2011 Victory Touring Lineup featured

In Ontario a member of the North Wall Riders Association popped the question at the airport after his tour in Afghanistan

I hope you have a spectacular day and remember....

Drive Safely...and if you are attending Christmas parties - PLEASE - PLAN your ride ahead of time.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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