David VS Goliath, the little guy VS the big guy.
It is an age old "fight" the David is your little leather shop, repair shop or some other small owner operator type of business vs that of the multi-national corporation.

With the economy being what it is and the little guy not having the buying power of the big box store many people are shopping with the big box store or on line where they feel the prices are better.

I know we all need to make our dollar stretch as far as possible so what can you as a customer tell the little business owner that you need from them? What can you tell them about your needs as a consumer?

And for the business owner...
Is there anything that your little business can do in this economy to compete?
Is there anything that you, the little guy can offer that the big box stores can not?
With a global economy HOW do you set yourself apart?

I recently had a conversation with a business man who realized after he had invested thousands and thousands of dollars into a product line that he loved, that the product was too expensive for the market place no matter how finely crafted it is.

Facing financial disaster because of a unwise choice is a reality of the small business person.

Sadly, too many people are getting into business for themselves and are underfunded, over priced and not at all prepared for the reality of being in business. They haven't done their research. There are a ton of courses one can take that will help you on assessing the market place...check out your local community futures office.

One of the tools I have found helpful for planning and managing my business is Pre Paid Legal- they have some new resources for the small business owner - everything from HR forms to business planing tools and resources. The portal "GoSmallBiz" has an incredible wealth of tools at your finger tips! (The Identity Theft product is great too.)

I have become a Pre Paid Legal member and have learned how to protect myself in business and do so through Pre Paid Legal. It's affordable and EFFECTIVE and every small business can benefit from being a member! I now have a lawyer on "staff" to give me guidance and go over contracts as well as having access to things like contracts and confidentiality agreements etc at my disposal to use.

Visit Wayne Wald's site - Wayne is an RFBA Member Business Owner and has all of the training on Pre Paid Legal, Identity Theft Protection and the Go Small Biz programs that I do not. He can coach and guide you as the the best avenues for you to protect and grow your business using the Pre Paid Legal Service.

Then of course there are the myriad of Government tools and reosources for learning and planning when in business.  In Canada this is your portal to a wealth of knowledge:

Being a little guy in a big pond can be scary, being well informed as to the challenges, pitfalls and risks can make it less scary and far more rewarding...

And to all of the non business owners who have stuck it out reading this blog today...please consider shopping with the little guy - especially those who sponsor our community events, remember - without them we have no events!

Like everyday I welcome your feedback and input on this topic - by sharing our experiences with others - well  you just never know who will benefit!

In the News today:
IN BC - The Hell's Angels loose their bid to regain their clubhouse

        - The suspect involved in the crash that saw two island riders killed appears in court in February.
        - An appeal to see gangsterism charges pursued against two members of the Hells Angels

In Ontario two veterans are honored: one of them a motorcycle group founder.

In New Brunswick a family is alarmed that motorcycles are not being safety checked after their loved one was killed  by a motorcyclist who lost control of his bike.

In Industry News:
In the UK they are using a simulator to guide them regarding motorcycle safety

Because of the Carol Nash Show there are a lot of motorcycle reviews to read up on, check out the Lifestyles section: Motorcycle Reviews and News.

Please drive safely...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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