The riding community is a community that was built on the premise of working together, of being family.

Families do not always agree. But as a general rule, when the chips are down, family pulls together. It used to be, that although this community is filled the A type personalities we tended to be able to put our differences of opinion aside when the chips were truly down for one of our own - or when a specific cause forced us to unite.

Our community has exploded in size and for a time we lost a sense of community, the pendulum appears to be swinging though - like it does with every big trend, and we are settling in to a bit more of a sense of family again. You can sense the shift, people are trying to find a way to connect in a broader way...

On so many fronts the riding community, now more than ever needs to start pulling together. There are so many outside forces working on us and in many ways we have been like the North American Indian Community was so long ago - a community of great pride, incredible depth and talent and a seeming inability to work together for the common good.

Be it looking out for our rights, supporting the rider owned and Rider Friendly TM Businesses of our communities or supporting the events that support our causes, our communities and bring us together - we riders truly need to find a way to put down our differences or our protectionistic ways - our "independence" if you will and we need to learn how to support each other.

Our economy is only a minute part of the overall economy. The economy of the  riding community is being impacted exactly like many other micro economies.

Our little business people are hurting and when I say our little businesses I mean everyone from the leather goods shop that donates a half a dozen vests to support a cause (TJ & The Bear Biker Wear in Spruce Grove is but one of many that come to mind) or the pub that donates it's staff, uses it's resources and connections (going to suppliers for donations - Electric Rodeo, Ceili's, Bo'Diddly's, Rock City and how many hundreds of others can I think of?) to ensure that a cause get's all of the proceeds from a BBQ...or the trucking company that donates a stage (usually a trailer) so that an event has a place for a band and an EMCEE...

We are all quick to ask for the donation, after all our cause is important and affects the community...but how often do we really thank these people and I don't mean just in the newspaper but by walking into their shops and buying something we need or using their trucking company to haul something for our own business?

If you don't support them, why would they want to support your event, charity or riding club?

When sales are good, these people generously give to all kinds of groups and events - when sales are less than good they tend to give to those who support them - makes sense doesn't it?

When a community shops within, promotes with in, it becomes strong and healthy.

When a community communicates and makes sure it's members are WELL informed, when it's members are active and vibrant and engaged in the matters of the community - the community becomes strong and powerful.

If you doubt what I say, look at the Sikh community in this country - they are a powerful minority - they work together, shop with the people in their community and promote those people who help them.

The whole premise of the Busted Knuckle Chronicles was to give the riding community a place to share it's stories, to celebrate it's volunteers, it's success, it's failures, it's hopes and it's dreams. It is meant for all who ride, no matter what you ride. And it's NATIONAL and LOCAL all at the same time!

Belt Drive Betty dot Com was meant to be a clearinghouse, a place you could come to find anything and everything about riding in Canada or things that impact us as riders - kind of our own gathering place like an internet come, visit, read the news, find out about the events, plan your holidays and find the tools and resources you need to make your riding season the best it can be and hook up with friends and meet new ones.
We are linked to over 400 Canadian Riding Clubs...there's bound to be someone of like mind for you to connect to!

If you love the motorcycle - if you have that bike hole in your heart - then you are a member of this community. We invite you to tell the stories of you community - after all, that is what a community newspaper and a community web site gives you a place to share those stories...

If your community is not represented - or your interests are not represented - what are you waiting for? Share, talk to us - what you have to say will probably be of interest to at least 25% of the community. (Supposedly that is the statistic - that one in 4 will be interested in what you have to say) Submit your stuff to the web site or email it to me for the newspaper...but share it...PLEASE!

My dream - my vision when I started this thing almost 8 years ago, was to see this community start talking to each other, sharing their stories, creating a sense of community, belonging and family unity.

Our FREE tools and resources for BDB Club Members include:
  • The Rider Friendly TM Business Association - is a consortia of some 275 businesses (and growing) that WANT your support because they support the community  - they offer discounts, specials and or special services to BDB Club members; IE: MotoRescue has teamed up with us to provide membership in their road side assistance program for $39.95 per year plus taxes - we need a minimum of 50 people signing up at a time to qualify for that that to what the retail rate is! (
  • The Never Ride Alone Program from Intercon Messaging 
  • Our NATIONAL Motorcycle Events Calendars that are broken out by province and shareable to over 80 social networks and 5 other styles of calendars and host an average of 900 CANADIAN events information!
  • Forums, contests, photo galleries, groups and other social networking tools
  • Free Classified Ads and more!
All of these FREE tools were created to see my vision, my dream become a reality - that the Canadian Riding Community and VISITORS TO THIS COUNTRY OF OURS would have the same tools and resources that other motorcycle communities around the world have.

It's been a long hard road filled with all kinds of learning curves and pit falls but folks we are here!

When you see the 2011 Phone Book you will truly understand what I mean...
I feel like a proud momma when I look at it. This vision that has danced in my head of a CAA style set of services for our community - it's here, and it's real and now all it needs is YOU!

Your free membership on our site ( gives you access to all of those FREE resources - and if you decide you like the tools and would like to support us then get a subscription to our newspaper - it's only $17.50 a year plus tax! Or buy a license plate or sign, but most of all - USE YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARDS - OFTEN and support those who support our community - from coast to coast to coast!

As always, I welcome your feedback - input and the discussions!
Join us in our forums or on Face Book - or right here in our blog!

The news feeds are fairly quiet so far today, RIP Leslie Nielson - your humor lit up the hearts of many....

Please drive safely...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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