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Jeff LeGrand submitted a link to a YouTube video that had me asking what in the HE Double Hockey Sticks was the point....

The video doesn't want to embed properly so here is the link to the video on You Tube:

OK - now I realize this HAS to be a guy thing but really, truly what in the heck were they thinking when the built that thing? The TRON - be a cool name for a "transformer" toy I suppose.

I was amazed and dumbfounded at how the thing can't turn, there are no pegs for the riders feet...
yah - another piece of nonfunctional rolling art...what in the heck was the point?
According to some of the web  sites that are pitching this thing:
To celebrate the upcoming release of the major motion picture TRON: Legacy from Disney, Parker Brothers Choppers decided to build ten ridiculously exclusive light cycles. Thankfully, each of the bikes are perfectly legal, which means you can drive it around to show off to all of your friends. The bikes are constructed from steel frames, and feature a fiberglass bodywork. Inside, you’ll find a Suzuki TLR-1000 V-twin engine (

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME - this thing, street legal?

Sorry - maybe it's just a girl thing but...I see a huge, UGLY "machine" that should be a park bench in a futuristic theme park - or one that should have stayed on TV as part of fiction and props - not a motorcycle that should be on the street. In my humble opinion this bike gets a 0 out of 5 kernels of popcorn.

The next think in the YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME FILE...
One of the SCARIEST things to hit your wallet or purse - credit card information theft with out ever using a computer or touching YOU...

Watch this video:
Here is the Link:

Now if that doesn't scare the bejeebers out of you ....

I became a member of Pre Paid legal to protect my business. I also got their Identity Theft Product called Identity Shield - (

I am sure glad that I have that - especially after watching the video - holy crap batman - I am not in love with all this is scary how easy thieves can rip you off...

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on TRON the "Motorcycle"  and this new form of theft.

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Now on to the other news of the day:

Harley's expanding in Brazil adds more money to their shares.

In Ontario a young racer finished BIG!

Also in Ontario they are giving away a Harley...

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Please drive safely...

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