It seems that every time you turn around another rider is on a long distance ride or world tour on their motorcycle. There are those who are doing these rides for either charity or awareness (Like Prince Phillip), some do it just because they can - no fan fare, no books, no TV shows and some are doing it to promote their country.

Ebrahim Sulaiman, aged 27, started his ‘Voyage for Love and Peace' on May 1 2010 and returned home two days ago after a 24,584 mile journey. He has two more legs planned for this world tour and Canada is on the radar for 2011 (June) What makes his ride different from the myriad of rides around the world? Ebrahim is from the United Arab Emirates and according to the UAE he is their first long distance rider. He is riding the world, going to universities, campgrounds and hostels and talking to people about the open arms his country has for diverse cultures and religions.

By the time his journey ends in 2012 he will have covered over 75K miles.
He says that he was well received in Europe and that people there encouraged and inspired him to complete this 75K mile adventure. His journey was inspired by a book called "My Vision"  where in leaders from his country had gone to various states and countries to meet with their leaders to promote the UAE.

Sulaiman is planning to write a diary called "My Trip" that will chronicle the adventure and the reactions to him of people from around the world and a 15 episode TV show that will do the same.

I wonder how Canada and the US will embrace this young man who says he is doing this to promote his country - "They (people he encountered) asked me if I was afraid of going on such a journey on my own, to risk everything for this. I told them this is just a simple risk for my country which I will forever be proud of.”

I wish the young man well and hope that our paths cross this summer. I admire what he is attempting, not because what he is doing is anything special in the riding department, many others have undertaken similar journeys, but because of his cause.  Promoting the United Arab Emirates during a time of immense fear of terrorism around the world is a monumental task. How will a young Arab, spreading a message of love, peace and tolerance be accepted here in North America?

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  1. I didn't know Prince William was into riding and that he had already done an Afica run....HIS INDIA TOUR SHOULD BE AN INTERESTING ONE.

    Ibrahim's story is also fascinating...didn't think these guys had it in them to explore the world...but I guess II was weong


  2. Both Prince William and Prince Harry are avid riders and both have done some distance riding.

    I am intrigued by this young Arab and his mission.