Remember the MMP in Ontario who wanted to ban kids from riding with their parent on the back of their motorcycle?

Well, this lady is at it again.

She has introduced a Private Members bill to establish a select committee to investigate methods of reducing injuries and fatalities on non-automobile vehicles.

“In the last 10 years, statistics show us that the number of injuries occurring on all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and bicycles in Ontario have increased by 66 per cent,” Jaczek commented. “It is time to address the safety surrounding these vehicles in a comprehensive way.”

Now the growth in motorcycles alone in the last 10 year is up 300K
According to Stats Canada there were 330K registered for highway use motorcycles in 2000 and today there are just shy of 600K.

Do you think that more people on the roads have anything to do with that? And how can you compare snowmobiles to motorcycles?

Ontario - why do you keep re-electing this woman? In my humble opinion this woman is dangerous and WILL eventually find a way to shut down outdoor recreations if allowed to. She is, again, IMHO, a loose cannon, someone who wants to make a mark, make her political career a legacy - only you voters can decide her fate.

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In other news:
In Switzerland the Hells Angels are seeking damages from the government after a magistrate ruled officials didn’t have enough evidence to declare the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club a criminal organization.

In Las Vegas the police are going green after receiving a grant from the Consumer Electronics Association - they now have 7 electric motorcycles to cruise the Strip with.

In Michigan an 18 year old girl is charged with 2 counts of negligent homicide for killing two riders while on her cell phone.

In Orgeon, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation is calling on all riders to help curb what their government is doing - the government reportedly wants to divert highway maintenance funds to pay down debt.

In Texas, a woman who ran over a police motorcycle because she was impatient and angry over a funeral cortege for a fallen officer. The woman has been charged with failing to stop and render aid.

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