We as humans tend to get involved, become engaged when things affect us. Until they hit close to home, things like Cancer Research, ALS, MS, Progeria - they don't come to mind too often. But when you know someone affected by those illnesses, the story changes.

The same is true of natural disasters. We tend to feel for those affected and depending on the news coverage, we might donate, but then we might not. We will if we know people who live in the disaster stricken zone, we might if the images are powerful enough be moved to get involved. But unless there is a personal connection we tend to shy away from involvement. Look at the differences in support in India and Australia over flooding compared to the help given Haiti...lives were affected in all of these natural disasters but Haiti received far more attention and help that the other two did.

(My heart and prayers go out to the latest victims of Mother Nature's wrath - Japan and all who will be affected by the after shocks and Tsunami's the quake is triggering.)

There are those who react to situations with a "There but for the grace of God go I  attitude" and pitch in. There are those who donate money, because it gives them a way to be involved when they have nothing else to offer besides prayers and then there are those who - perhaps because they themselves have little to share possession wise or monetarily - whose lives are busy eking out an existence for themselves do little beyond give it a fleeting thought and prayer.

Our motorcycle community is absolutely no different. We participate in runs and rallies for causes that are important to us and there are a plethora of causes that need and deserve supporting! We donate and work with in our community and we do so based on what affects us. What is important to us as individuals. 

Right now a lot of focus and attention is being paid to what's happening in Georgia with the motorcycle only checkpoints. Our rights are either under siege or being supported depending on the state or province you are living in and the political climates in your regions. 

Edmonton AB and many areas around the world are dealing with Motorcycle Only Noise Bylaws.
Some states are repealing helmet laws, some are amending them. 
Some states allow you to split lanes and yet others allow you to treat a red as a stop sign. Some communities hate us, some love us and some have no real opinion about us and that variety of attitudes towards us stems partially from our own local riding communities and the volunteers who work tirelessly to lobby for our causes or the lack of volunteers to do the job. 

The attitudes are affect by HOW we ride our bikes and how WE conduct ourselves as a collective.

If you aren't happy with what is affecting you, you have two options:
Do nothing but whine, snivel or complain and rail against the "Man" and let someone else shoulder the load.

Do something to affect change - join a group, write a letter, meet with policy makers - donate funds or items to auction to raise funds - whatever that looks like for you. A heavy burden is easily carried when many hands help - so it is with defending our communities, their rights, their people and their causes...when many hands help it takes less effort and less time on each persons behalf....think of that next time something you read, see or hear affects you.

One person CAN change the world - if not on a global scale at least on a microscopic level.
Like always - I love it when you wade in on the topic of the day - I always learn so much from the exchanges!

Remember I mentioned the RevZilla Scholarship contest the other day? Well they have something else going on too... Every Month they are giving away gear - that's right every month one lucky person who signs on their site up has the opportunity to win great gear - this month the top prize is ...a TPG Ranier Jacket & Pants - over $800 in value! 
Second prize is $100 worth of gift certificates. That's Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Speaking of contests - if you haven't checked out our calendar contest - may I suggest you do. There are some fantastic photos of both the men and the ladies! (

We begin accepting photos for the February Page of the Calendars next Thursday, but warning - unlike RevZilla, we are giving away NO prizes to be involved in our contest - only the satisfaction of knowing that when the calendars are made and sold you will be supporting some great causes! $10 from every calendar will go to the Breast Cancer Conga or the Chrome Cowgirls and $10 from the men's calendar will go to the CMTA Injured Riders Fund or to support Veteran's Causes - you will be able to choose when you order your calendars in October!

Have a fabulous Friday...a wonderful weekend - talk to you all again on Monday!

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