I have been producing the Busted Knuckle Chronicles since 2003. I have offered the paper ON LINE since 2004 -could I qualify for any of the Government Grants or loans? NOPE.
Why? My paper was FREE in print at bike shops and was free on line (it's now $17.50 a year to pay for the electronic mailings), had paid subscriptions in print but because I had more free subscriptions than I had paid ones and because I was NOT charging at least $1 per copy - I didn't qualify for the publications mailing grants.

When I made the decision to go on line ONLY because of the recession, I didn't qualify because I was already on line. Now my competitors who were never on line in any meaningful way are getting grants out the wazoo. Canadian Biker has gotten almost $60K dollars, Mojo got almost $20K and while they have had web sites, there has been little by way of content on them. ( )

Now these people are all good people - I know them all well. When the Tories decided to what thy did with the grants - they saw an opportunity and took it. I would do the same so my issue is NOT with them but it sure is with our government. Because mine is a grassroots publication - a by the people for the people sort of thing - I don't qualify for many of the grants, subsidies or loans that are out there.

The ones I do qualify for are grants to help pay wages but when you can't find anyone to hire, the grant is useless.

I know that our publication is well read and well received by many, I know that with hard work, dedication and perseverance that the Busted Knuckle Chronicles will always be around in one form or another but man - I sure wished that just once I could get a shot in the arm, a break and I know many other small on line publishers that feel the same way.

Haper Gov't are you listening - do you even care?  And who do we vote for in the upcoming Federal Election - cause there will be one, I am sure of that... The Liberals? NOT ON MY LIFE. Jack Layton - you know - I think it might be time to give the man a shot - he surely can't be much worse than the other options...or can he.

Your opinions would be really appreciated because as a small business person - I need some help and guidance on who to vote for.

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 Belt Drive Betty
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  1. Now if you lived in one of the 160 ridings where the Tories think they can take a seat from an opposition party they would be throwing cash at you and publicizing it too...... You're right, it sucks!!! As for who to vote for, I have never missed casting a vote in a municipal, provincial or federal election since I became eligible. This time though all of them turn my stomach. No new ideas.. just throw shit 'til it sticks to something, I can't, in all good conscience vote for any of them right now