Monday to Friday I do my best to talk to you and draw your attention to the various things going on in the news that affects our community, the motorcycling community.

In our weekly community newspaper, the Busted Knuckle, I write a weekly editorial called form the Depths of File 13.

I thought I would share this weeks column with you as I know that many who read this blog do not realize that I have a large web site for riders, many have no idea we produce a newspaper of Predominantly Canadian Content called The Busted Knuckle Chronicles.

So here is this week's always - I welcome Your Feed Back!

Life Talk with Wade Sorochan  is a Shaw TV production.

Liane Langlois got me a DVD and the blessings of Shaw TV to post it on

The Show dealt with the Edmonton Motorcycle Noise Bylaw and features Ward 7 Councillor Tony Caterina, Cst Eric Theuser and Liane Langlois.

I have not been this dismayed in a very long time.

Cst. Theuser is oblivious as to how he comes across, he is rude, insufferable and contradicts himself many times. He was disrespectful to his boss - a city councillor is one of his bosses, he completely discounted an engineer and his concerns, he made so many unprofessional and uncalled for remarks.

Cst Theuser attributes the creation of the J2825 to the motorcycle community itself. Actually it was the manufacturers who paid for this test to be
created. They thought - wrongly, that if there was a standard set it would reduce the discrimination.

As long as men like Cst Theuser are allowed to wear a uniform, it is my humble opinion that no law will ever be truly subjective.

I was totally amazed that the EPS would allow this man to represent them. I am struggling here
because I believe in the law of attraction and I would much rather attract kind, warm, funny people into my life and this man that I am talking about is NONE of those things. I do not want you take my word for what was on TV - Here is the link to where the video lives on my site - it’s an hour long show and, truly, well worth watching for a number of reasons.

Tony Caterina appears to me to be a very level headed man who thinks before he speaks. He seemed thoughtful and was highly respectful.

He is against this bylaw as he sees it for what it is and like almost everyone in this equation he would be all for it if every vehicle type was being charged for excessive noise.

His comment was, “We don’t just charge red cars for speeding”

Liane did a very credible job of laying out the issue, highlighting all of the concerns and countering, with facts many of the things Cst Theuser put his foot in...

I resent the rude and selfish people of the world.
I know that I am not alone in that thought either.
I wished we could all learn to share the road, share our world and learn to realise that we are not alone and the world does not revolve around anyone individual.  I have said it so many times that I feel like a broken record - We need to learn empathy, compassion and consideration.

The Motorcycle Noise Bylaw is unfair the way it is - are there selfish and thoughtless people in our community who wick on it and think they are more special that the rest of us? OH YEAH, but there are those people in every community and Eric Theuser, in my humble opinion is that type of person for the police services in Edmonton. I feel he ranks up there with cops like Monte Robinson, you remember him, the cop who was again IMHO drunk, fled the scene of an accident to “shield” his kids - more like they were his excuse to manipulate the law - I could be wrong, but I am not so sure that I am...

Yes, every community has its gross offenders, those who are over the top, but unlike most other communities, we, the motorcyclist appear to be singled out far more often that other communities for special treatment. Bylaws like this one that are knee jerk, ill though out and ill advised make me wished we weren’t so special.

My heart was very heavy after hearing the news that Derrin and Janet Blais of the Southern Alberta Bikers were killed by a 56 year old man making an unsafe left hand turn with his SUV. This middle aged couple were valuable volunteers, friends,    family members and a mom and dad.  My prayers go out to those who are affected by their untimely demise and I hope everyone has the support they are undoubtedly going to need.

My conga this summer is all about filming Public Service Announcements that will show the non rider that we are people with families, friends, communities and employers that we mean something to. They will put the human face to our machines and gear and hopefully allow drivers to see us as something other than a vehicle.

I hope that some of you will be able to join me be it for an hour, a day or the whole 46 days!

I leave Grande Prairie on July second and head to Beaver Creek YT, head to Merritt to the Great Canadian Bike rally, up to Sturgis North in Salmon Arm - my headquarters will be at Joe Schmucks in Sicamous...then on the morning of the 18th of July I begin the trek to Cape Breton - we will have more details shortly - as soon as the second printing of the RFBA Phone Book for your saddle bags goes to print at the end of the month.

I am going to sign off for this week and ask you to PLEASE - Ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Until next time, I am your editor, Belt Drive Betty

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  1. This is information that my customers at Bay Harbor Motors aka Staten Island Kawasaki, New York would love to read about. Thanks for your side of things.