According to Bikes in the Fast Lane, France is doing some negotiating with bikers.

France will be lifting the 100 HP ban on motorcycles which means that bikes like the Ducati Multistrada will be allowed on French roads. The trade off? 

Beginning in 2012, all riders will be required to wear florescent vests and only orange and yellow will be acceptable. Among other things that the French government wants to implement will be mandatory jackets with armour and riding boots.

Talking about laws, 5 police officers in Otago must have felt pretty silly...they heard that a group of bikers were coming in to town and so they went to meet them and they discovered the bikers were the Babes on Bikes riding club! I would have loved to be a fly in a squad car!

There is a great press release from the UK this morning reminding one about the dangers of under inflated and defective tires - I will be installing the Doran 360M Tire Pressure monitoring system on my bike in a week or so, just waiting for my new front tire to come in. I will be doing a full product review over the course of the summer.

Under inflated/improperly inflated tires are one of the leading causes for motorcycle crashes where single motorcycles are involved.  Defective tires are another contributing factor to crashes. Tires all have a stamp on them that let you know what year and month the tire was made. If it is over 5 years old it should be replaced as rubbers shelf life is only 5 years. Make sure you check your tires for inflation and age.

There is some sad news out of Nashville this morning - Shawn Cowie from Delta BC, a renowned young drag racer was critically injured yesterday when his motorcycle was hit from behind causing him to plunge over a guard rail and fall 8 meters into some bushes below the underpass. My prayers go out to him and his family for his speedy recovery.
The couple killed on the weekend down by Lethbridge, have been identified as Derrin and Janet Blais of the Southern Alberta Bikers Association. There are no words to express the sadness in my heart as I pray for their kids, family and friend. The 54 year old driver of the SUV who hit them will probably be charged with making an unsafe left hand turn.

Please people, I can not stress enough to watch everything and everyone around you - ride like everyone around you is blind and CAN NOT see you.

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