I need to apologize for how erratic my posting has been - I enjoy talking to you all everyday and the feedback and discussion that are generated by many of my posts.

January is a tough time for me to be consistent - things started out well this time, but slowly the hours put in at the shows, the driving and other duties I have, take hold of me and makes my time is so limited if I want to sleep at all.

This past week was made even harder by Mother Nature's severe reminder that our comfort is at her pleasure!  I left the Edmonton Motorcycle Show to head to Two Hills to speak to a group that is very interested in a touring map for our community phone book and in seeing a permanent Fallen Rider's Memorial be built. This community and it's surrounding region is very rider friendly and really wants to attract the rider. In the area there are a number of great motorcycle events to attend - one of them...the Run to the Hills Memorial Rally is one that the CMTA and I both sponsor.  After the meeting I then headed back to Edmonton on Tuesday morning to pick up my driving companion, Charlotte, and get an oil change on the old car and head for Vancouver. We made it as far as Clearwater before I had to call it a night.  Wednesday morning we got up and headed the rest of the way to the coast - the roads were treacherous and the wind made it far worse.

This morning I made lunch for all of my volunteers, answered all of the emails that I have not been able to get to and attempt to get organized and ready for the opening of the show this afternoon. I am about as ready for this afternoon as I know how to be!

My arms are open and waiting for New Year's hugs and to see how Vancouver will stack up to Edmonton and Calgary!

I am asking all of you who read this to share the news with your friends that we have some great prizes up for grabs in our on line show n shine - we want your's free and it's a great way to soothe the PMS.... is the place to be...

There have been a number of rather controversial subjects in th news of late and I promise that towards the end of next week we will tackle some of them, for the next few days though it's all about the Vancouver Motorcycle show and the wonderful people I will be sharing time with!

I leave you with some funnies from my friends on Facebook and from emails, cause laughing is good for the soul!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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