In the last week of being on the road I have been surrounded by members of the riding community and I have had an "ahah" moment - you see I work alone in my office 12-18 hours a day 7 days a week and that kind of isolation and lack of socialization can be debilitating.  I spend maybe two hours a day with my husband around me (he can work some pretty long hours too) and other than for the odd meeting out of the house, I am pretty much alone.

The 'ahah" moment came for me yesterday - when it dawned on me just how peaceful I feel - it's a feeling that sneaks up on you. Sitting at my desk at home, my mind wanders off to old hurts and angers, it wanders to negative thinking - that incessant chatter is your head that never seems to ease up unless I am on my bike. 

The hugs at the bike show, the sharing of feelings, hopes and dreams of other members of this community is the music that soothes the savage beast in me. I realized just how much I need people, good people around me.
If I haven't told you people how much you mean to me, how much I draw my strength, my inspiration from you - well, I want to tell you right now - thank you for always being there - we may not always agree or see eye to eye but I love the fact that we can agree to disagree and respect each other. Bikers - it seems to me, have that ability more than most other communities and I am honored to be a part of this eclectic and wonderful community and I felt the need to tell you all how much you mean to me.

There are some interesting developments in the news feeds today surrounding Sturgis North  - it appears that the event will be moving to Armstrong!  

For those heading to Port Dover Ontario this Friday to celebrate Friday the 13th - it might be cold but the town is ready and waiting for you!!!!

In London Ontario, the police have called the OPP's anti biker unit in due to a rash of fires that they feel are connected to rival outlaw motorcycle clubs and a potential turf war.

In the US - charges against the international president of the Vagos Club have been dropped. Pastor Palafox, 47, had been charged with vehicle theft involving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, possession of the stolen motorcycle and street terrorism.

For those who like Blues, Horsethief Hideout is planning a big weekend....

There are other articles in the feeds that may be of interest to you...check them out at

I leave you with a few giggles from my friends on Facebook and by email...

Have a good one!
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Pencil me in for a hug on friday at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show!