Corporal Monty Robinson...

If you read the news article from Canada dot Com, you will read testimony from an addictions expert that Monty Robinson was depressed and suffered from severe alcohol dependance.

According to Dr. Paul Sobey who spent 4 hours assessing Robinson, the Mountie had several things occur in his life that caused him to be depressed and experience negative emotions that encouraged him to drink: a non-fatal shooting when he was posted in Chase, B.C., separation from his wife and the death of Robert Dziekanski.

Apparently there was a history of alcohol abuse in his family and Robinson admitted to having a high tolerance to alcohol and an inability to stop after a few.

Robinson also admitted to having somewhere between 3 and 5 beers at the halloween party prior to the crash that killed Orion Hutchinson.

Under cross examination, the expert admitted that Robinson's addiction had nothing to do with his ability to know right from wrong.

A high school friend of Robinson also testified that Robinson told people at a party in December of 2007 just how to go about avoiding drinking and driving charges.

Robinson's attorney attempted to dispute the testimony of Anne Rough by claiming the conversation did not happen when she said it did and that her recollections were wrong, Ms. Rough disagreed.

Crossin, Robinson's attorney, intends to bring out another expert witness, a psychologist who will testify that Robinson suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

The blatant use of pity as a factor in this case is appalling and I for one hope and pray that the judge in this case sees right through the man and the defence his lawyer has crafted with the aide of his client.

If it was you or I on trial, the book would get thrown in our face no matter how much trauma we have endured in our life.

The truth of the matter in this case is that the RCMP is extremely broken...and that the RCMP as an organization should be on trial here along with Robinson.

I said it 3 and a 1/2 years ago when 5 RCMP officers from the lower mainland were charged and involved in 5 impaired driving incidents in a 30 day span, (Robinson was one of them)...

If the higher up's in the RCMP can not tell when their people are in trouble and get them the help they need, then they are failing not just their members but every member of society that has to put up with the over zealous, lying, manipulative and abusive behaviours of the officers in question.

THE RCMP IS A BROKEN ORGANIZATION - from it's hiring and training practices to it's lack of out reach for it's members and the constant cover ups and sweeping of issues under the carpet - that is my humble opinion for what it is worth.

When are the governments of this country going to see that and start forcing some reforms on this once venerable institution?

I would love your take on what is wrong with the RCMP and how to fix this organization AND what you think is a fitting sentence for Monty you feel pity for the man or is he a SNAKE?

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Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone... I leave you with some funnies, cause I don't know about you, but after a topic like Monty Robinson, I need some laughter to make my soul feel better...

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  1. Anonymous1:00 AM

    First of all, I am not a "friend" of Mr. Robinson's. Secondly, I find it interesting that the only defense his attorney can come up with is that the conversation never took place and furthermore, that I was "influenced" by the local newspaper. How is it that I can recall part of te conversation being about "guzzling mouthwash to throw off a breathalyzer" but nothing of the sort was mentioned in the paper? He has lied before and he is doing it again. We teach our children to take responsibility for their actions and to own their wrongdoings and accept the consequences. What lessons is he teaching his own children? Lie, avoid responsibility, deceive, and then play the poor me card. This whole defense is pathetic and I can only hope that the judge sees right through it. I know what I heard. I have no reason to lie. He has never done anything bad to me and has always been nice. But I lost complete respect for Mr. Robinson the night of that party. I know what I heard and justice will be served one way or another- no matter what pathetic card this man (and his lawyer) plays. This whole situation is just very sad.