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Shanghai China - Dangerous driving became a death penalty crime in Shanghai China recently and as two riders found out, they are to be the first charged under the new law.

2 riders who lead police on a high speed chase and escaped, were discovered on surveillance camera footage and apprehended, their motorcycles - confiscated.

It is not clear from the article in the English Eastday if this law applies to motorcyclists only or if it applies to all motorists. So, if you find yourself in Shanghai, beware!

In Kamloops BC, 2 strikers for an un named motorcycle club struck out twice yesterday!
According to Kamloops This Week, the first man was nabbed for speeding on his motorcycle, doing 95 KPH in a 50 zone, he got a $368 ticket, three demerits and his motorcycle towed as excessive speeding in BC causes you to automatically loose you vehicle for 7 days.

He called someone to pick him up, when that person arrived, also a striker, the police noticed the plate tags were out of date, meaning he had no insurance, and as a consequence, he was issued a $598 ticket and his vehicle was towed.

So, how do you feel about the death penalty for dangerous driving in Shanghai?

What do you think of the penalties for excessive speed, no insurance in BC?

I would love to hear your thoughts on these two topics!

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