From cracked handlebar mounts to the potential for stalling, quitting while operating, to faulty brakes, there are a ton of recall notices out.  Ted Lateurnus of the Globe and Mail has an extensive article on the defects noted by Transport Canada.

Leading the way:
Harley-Davidson has 28 recall notices
Indian - 12
Kawasaki - 7
Ducati - 5
Husaberg - 5
Triumph - 5
Honda - 3
Victory - 2
Vespa & Piaggio - 1 each

For more information on Recalls, check the Transport Canada Site - choose English or French
and then choose your Make, model and year range...Your life could be at stake....

As we riders in the nether regions of this country start working towards having our machines ready to go for the summer, there are a lot of topics up for discussion:
Safety; of the rider and the machine,  motorcycle "gangs" and how their interaction with the police services affect us, helmet and other laws, like the motorcycle Only noise bylaws that can affect travel plans and which rally, what vacation spots we want to experience.

We have talked politics and law to death of late, what with all of the debates and debacles that have been taking place world wide...

Today I want to discuss the good stuff - the reason we all bought motorcycles - I want to know about events and travel destinations you think a person should experience.

Our news feeds come from all kinds of sources from around the world and expose us to events that take place in far away places like the eastern cape of South Africa, and the climes of
Timaru in New Zealand not to mention those that happen in the US and right in our own back yards. Our Lifestyles - Motorcycle Events Section contains articles from all over the world about international motorcycle events.

Our Events Calendars contain information on some 1,400+ Canadian events (everything from racing to coffee nights - rallies to runs) and the news is always filled with articles out of the US about events like Daytona Bike Week, Laughlin, Sturgis and more...there is no shortage of information on where to ride and what events to consider...

I would love to know two things...

1st: What event in your hometown or region do you feel is a MUST do and why...

2nd: Tell me about one place or one event that is on your bucket list and what is it that has drawn you to want to experience it.

Enquiring minds want to know...

There is a TON of news in the feeds from the weekend and this morning for you to check out, visit to see what might affect your day or life as a rider...

Our web site is being moved - YET AGAIN - this time to a dedicated server, so that we are not sharing resources with other sites - this will improve the speed of our site immensely but it is also slowing down the streamlining and moving of content.  According to our stats, Google has already indexed 458,000 pages of content on the new site! Only 125,000 pages more to move and then, once Ali has the two huge tasks ahead of her accomplished she will begin again on the creation of our new content sections and menus to make the site easier to navigate.

Your patience is appreciated as is any feedback on the things you come across on the site that may not be working the way they should...

We announced the winners and their prizes in the 2012 Beat the PMS Blues Online Show 'n' Shine - it appears that I am not alone in the suffering from that most debilitating dis - ease as over 100 bikes were entered!  I want to take this time to thank all of our sponsors and all who participated either by entering a machine or voting - we all had a hoot!

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and through emails...hope they make your Monday a little brighter!

Enjoy your Monday, it brings you one day closer to Friday!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Yea! I ride a Yamaha and did not seen any recalls on your list.