An article from Perth Now about motorcyclists, crashes and their causes exposes some scary information on crashes involving bikes there.

In all - 12 motorcyclists have died on Australian highways since the beginning of the year, with 5 fatal crashes since February 29th.

According to the article, in at least 4 of the 5 recent fatal crashes, alcohol, speed AND/OR inattention were factors.

State traffic operations commander Michelle Fyfe said: "While these crashes are still being investigated it would appear that in each case the rider was at fault," she said.

"Regardless of who is at fault it is a waste of a life."

Mrs Fyfe said police were pulling over motorbike riders on the roads simply to remind them of the risks.

"We've lost too many in the last couple of weeks and we don't want to lose anymore," she said.

"We're asking people to take responsibility for their actions and they need to understand that they are vulnerable when riding a motorbike." End Quote

With riding season right around the corner - I wonder how many of you actually brush up on your skills before you head out for that first ride of the year? Do you plan on taking any kind of advanced rider training?  

Drinking and riding as we have seen over and over again is not wise and yet so many riders seem to think they can push that envelope, what do you think could be done to remind people that when they make decisions, they ultimately affect everyone who loves them? 

It's the same think with helmets and the law - I think adults should have a right to choice, but I also feel that you need to be fully aware of the consequences of that choice - if you are in a crash and die, your family and friends grieve, if you are in a crash but alive and in a vegetative state, your family suffers for that decision too.

Everything in life is cause and effect - choice and consequence.

What are the right choices for YOU and what consequences you are willing to live with?

In other news:

In there is a move to have motorcycle clothing discrimination added to the state legislation on discrimination in Denver Colorado. 


There are many other articles in today's news feeds that may be of interest or have impact on your day or life as a rider: 

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