Today is a day to celebrate women. In the motorcycle community we ride on International Female Ride Day in May so we lucky ladies get to celebrate twice!

But as William Perry and his grand daughter Kayle so aptly point out, if you are a member of the oldest profession, there may not be much to celebrate. Kayle is studying sociology at a Catholic School and apparently, the topic of prostitution is a heated one.

I wished that ALL women, right around the globe had the opportunity to discover their true strengths and character and that they could all feel empowered, strong and loving.

Sadly, this is a pretty messed up world at times and many women do not know who they are. (The same can be said for many of the male of our species as well.)

In other news...

There is a new motorcycle rally/show being held in Niagara Falls this summer.

Out of BC comes word of a rather bizarre turn of events where a dead man's estate is being sued for damages, that dead man just happens to be a Hells Angel.

The news out of Denver is that the Biker Clothing addition to the discrimination law did not pass.

In the UK - having a place to ride if you like off road riding or trials was cause for discussion as businesses in Garker Valley feel the motorcycle noise negatively impacts their business.

There is a lot of news in the feeds again including information on a Ninja Recall

Check out all the news at cause you never know when something we find will be important to your day, or life s a rider.

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I leave you with a few funnies, shared by my most beloved and bent friends either through Facebook or Email...

Have a FABULOUS Thursday everyone...

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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