Out of Amsterdam comes a story about the old Hells Angels Club House and a tip that there was a body buried on the property. The house had been torn down a month ago as the city expropriated the property and paid the Angels 400,000 Euros for it.

Police brought an excavator to the property but found nothing except dog and cat carcasses.

I wonder what happens in cases like this where a tip is not a tip? Does the person who gave the false tip have to pay for the costs of the investigation?

In the UK - the "Be a Better Biker" campaign is firing up for it's ninth year. Riders are invited out for a skills assessment and shown how they can improve their skill.

According to the article:
Since the courses began in 2004 there has been a significant drop in biker crashes. As part of the assessment day, riders are taken out on the roads where motorcycle casualties have previously occurred. The 'Be a Better Biker' campaign, has promoted the benefits of post-test training, to ensure that a biker's riding capabilities best match those of their machine. End Quote

I think that's a great idea and would love to see courses like that offered here in Canada.

If anyone knows of free skills assessment days here in Canada, I would love to know where they are located.

Sturgis North has announced that tickets for their second annual event are now available.

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