There is sad and tragic news out of BC. The Province reports that the 25 year old man, Dharamjit Singh Bains, who hit motorcyclist Alex Heibein and then ran, had his parents cover for him (they were given a six month conditional sentence for providing false statements) and didn't turn himself in for two years - got two years less a day.

Begin Quote:
On June 2, 2007 Heibein was riding his new Harley-Davidson motorcycle to work, heading west on Highway 10 shortly after midnight, when a Dodge Caravan driven by Bains turned in front of him.

Heibein tried to brake but crashed into the passenger side of the van and was dragged as the vehicle turned left on to 148th Street. He died at the scene.

Bains, of Surrey, and his two passengers bailed out of the van and ran away. End Quote

So what does that say for any possibility of any kind of justice for Orion Hutchinson's family?

Has the precedent has been set by this case as to the worth of a motorcyclist's life?

This young man, hit Alex, ran, lied, hid for two yeas but wait - that's not the best far from it - HE WAS ON PROHIBITION - he had 4 previous prohibitions and racked up TWO 24 hour suspensions AFTER the crash that killed Alex.

Begin Quote: Crown prosecutor Brad Kielmann said Bains was prohibited from driving at the time of the crash — his fifth prohibition. After the incident he racked up two more 24-hour suspensions plus other driving infractions. End Quote

AND "he had earlier pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving causing death and leaving the scene of an accident in connection with the death of 41-year-old Alex Heibein of Mission."

Seriously - we have these supposed new tough drinking and driving laws that make a person a criminal if they have a glass of wine with supper and then when someone does this - kills another human being - this is the sentence that is given? Are you kidding me?

Is it just me or is there something, gravely wrong with this system, beginning with the law makers, the laws, the enforcers and the courts?

So what  - he's going to be on probation and loose his license for 5 years - he was on prohibition at the time of the crash - what is this world coming to?

Am I the only one who is angry and offended here?

Does anyone care that the young man who was killed had a mom, dad, family?
 Would the sentence be different if it had been a politician's family member or that of the mayor or some other community leader?

Is this really just a motorcyclist issue? 

Or is it a justice system issue?

I would love to think - as horrible as it sounds that it is a justice system issue.

Are the judges in these cases hogtied by the law - is it too lenient? 

Is this discretion by the judge?

What is the issue...if anyone has an idea - I would dearly love to know.

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  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Seems to be the same law every where.Unless your a poor person and living on the street you only get slapped on the hand in the lower 40 also. Sad someone can kill someone like that and get away with it. We had a cop hit a biker here in 2010 in Aug. has not went to court yet and he is paid still and he was drunk and is most likely goi ng to get by with little or no time. Sucks, but how do you change laws when the senate vetos and vots where the money is and its in there pockets..