In Copenhagen, the police there are proud of their arrest record. Last year they vowed to jail 250 gang members and succeeded in having 356 with serving time or in custody for gang related crimes.

The claim to have picked of the "low lying" fruit first, the initiates and foot soldiers, now they are going after the middle and top ranking members.

The political will to stamp out gangs is strong in Denmark.

Begin Quote: “There’s evidence that bikers and gangs are parasites on society. They’re profoundly criminal, and there’s a greater need than ever to get rid of them,” the justice minister, Morten Bødskov (Socialdemokraterne), said on Tuesday. The government has committed 50 million kroner in 2012 to a special project aimed at intercepting and preventing gang recruitment in marginalised areas. End Quote

In Helsinki Finland, a member of parliament had himself a liquid night out with the Bandidos and is embroiled in an embarrassing situation. Apparently he left a night club and was invited to an after party, which is where things became embarrassing. He was offered paid for sex, gave a woman a $100 and then told her he didn't need the sex - he said he felt pity for her.

Begin Quote:  Hakkarainen says he regrets the incident, but does not believe it will affect his work or position as an MP. Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner, the Finns Party group leader in Parliament, heard of the whole affair only from HS, and had no wish to comment.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Pekka Ravi (National Coalition Party) was also unwilling to coment beyond saying: "Every Member of Parliament is himself or herself responsible for their behaviour and actions, and it is up to the voters to make judgements. An unfortunate business in any case." End Quote
In North Vancouver BC, the ODD Squad as they are called took10 North Shore high school students a firsthand look at the harsh reality of drug and alcohol addiction.

The Odd squad is comprised of 22 police and former police officers. 

Joe Calendino, a former Hells Angel who runs the Yo Bro Youth Initiative was on hand and talked to the kids about gangs and drugs. 

Begin Quote: "Of course you have regrets," Calendino said. "I can't focus on the negatives that I've had in my life. Every day now for me is a positive."

Calendino has since dedicated his life to educating youth about drugs and gangs. He has presented his message to more than 1,500 youth throughout British Columbia. End Quote

The kids involved in this 'field" trip will now go back to the North Shore and will be
creating a presentation of their own that will outline the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction. They will then go to schools across the North Shore and teach students in grades 7 and 8 about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

What a great program, it's one I think there needs to be a lot more of in this country.

What are your thoughts?

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