I have been on a soap box for 10 years - 8 of them attempting to engage Canadian Riders to get involved, to take care of the freedoms that our soldiers fight and die to protect - to engage, do something - anything for some fair and equitable treatment of the riding community.

The job I do, the chair I sit in, allows me to see a broad variety of information daily.
I get it coming at me from all sorts of places and as much as I read, as informed as I work at being, well even I only have a small sliver of the truth or knowledge that is out there.

People, we need to look at the way the human life is valued by our justice system, the laws, the law makers, the enforcers and the judiciary and we need to change things - FAST.

Riders are dying because of drunk drivers, distracted drivers, drivers doing dangerous things like passing on a double solid in a curve.  Their families are devastated - as are their communities - and what response do we get from the justice departments? The riding community?

Let's put this into perspective:

The fine for loud pipes - well you know peace and quiet is worth more than a human life so how about $250, $500 all the way to $10,000 depending on if you repeat the offence or not..and depending on where you live...

Blow a stop sign and kill a rider - get a $175/ failing to stop or how about pass when illegal and unsafe to do so and kill a rider? $140.

I was told I should run for office but yah know what I am not the right person for the job and I know that in my heart.

I share a joke on Facebook it gets shared 10 ways to Sunday, share something of importance - that affects our community and - I might get 20-30 comments, no or little sharing, no meaningful outcomes. 

So I decided that since humour seems to be what people respond to the best, that I would offer up the one person I believe has the power, the ability to make people laugh and get involved...

My friend Medric in Nova Scotia actually sent me a question a few days back about whether I thought this man would be good for our country and my answer was a resounding Hell YEAH!

He has the audience, the intelligence and the personality.  Being a gay man, he also knows what persecution and ridicule are about. (Of that I have no doubt - read some of his articles and interviews some time). He knows what having one's rights trod on is all about too, of that I am pretty sure.

He has a common sense attitude and approach that people find refreshing and since he's already a celebrity, he knows how to deal with the press, people and does a damned good job of keeping it real.

Yes, Rick Mercer, the man is a genius and should be our Prime Minister because if anyone has half a chance at uniting the Canadian people, of setting us on a path of correction, I think he's the one.

Folks, isn't it time we started something meaningful towards the preservation of Canada as a Free country?

RICK MERCER FOR PRIME MINISTER - whose with me and Medric on this thought?

In the mean time, there is another disturbing article out of New Jersey.

A man who allegedly was texting while driving and injured two riders - both of whom lost a leg in the crash - will not face criminal charges.

After chatting with a bunch of the guys and dolls from BCCOM it was suggested that Adele Tompkins head up a National Rights organization here in Canada - I would be all for that and support that move 100% - now if they can only convince Adele that she is the right gal for the job!

Let's see if there is enough public will to change things in this community and start pushing  - get behind a riders rights organization where you live, write your MP, your MLA - let's inundate these people with letters until they start hearing us.

Today is the last day of voting in our Online Show 'n' Shine...once the numbers are gone over we will announce the winners for each category - look for that announcement next week!

We have the issue of articles not appearing fixed, if you come across anything else that does not appear to be working right - please let us know - this moving of our site will be completed once the contest is over - we could not complete the move without disturbing the voting process so - hooray - we move to a dedicated server this weekend which will speed up our site tremendously!   It will take 5 or so days to complete the move and I for one can not wait for that to happen!

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me through emails and by friends on Facebook - hope they give you the giggle you need to start your day off the right way...

Have a fabulous Wednesday - Leap day...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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